Appreciation post: Boyz II Men

Joined Dec 6, 2006
These dudes had the idea of what music should be...  All different kinds of material for any mood..  Classic
Joined Jun 16, 2005
The first two albums are still amazing and the last two cover albums that they did are incredible. Everything in between was pretty average.
Joined Feb 5, 2009
Smh.This is it?Wow!
I wish these cats would drop an LP with all new material on it!There's absolutely nothing wrong with covers,but I feel like they're too damn talented to JUST be confined to doing cover songs.Maxwell and Sade are back on the scene and Groove Theory is coming's about that time BIIM! I have a ton of memories connected to their music so you know they're appreciated all day over here!
Joined Sep 28, 2005
my aunt dated a guy that looked just like Mike who happens to be my favortie of the group...his name was Mike to and i still kinda wish she would have married him instead...

i have always loved this group...even when i was little my favorite song was I'll Make Love to You which my mom didnt like at but she got over it...never saw them in concert tho...

i remember my dad had a laser disc of them with mad videos and behind the scenes +*+...

i guess laser discs never really popped off
Joined Mar 24, 2008
real talk II > any RnB album idc what anyone says

that album had back to back hits and bangers

*plays vibin*
Joined Aug 3, 2009
the greatest vocalists of all time, great to listen to after listening to a lot of rap music
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