Are Foamposites worth the price?

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The colors I like are worth the price (which is probably one per year). The reds were the only ones I wanted this year and I was satisfied
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They're overpriced but still a good looking shoe. Not bad from a comfort standpoint but hardly as nice to wear regularly as a decent runner. As a few people already mentioned, they are built to last. I still have a pair of OG's that I wear.
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I wouldn't pay retail for those, or any of the foams lately. But it is steep and not really worth it unless you REALLY like them
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I agree with the guys above me. At $245 Nike is really pushing the envelope. :smh:
I think a $245 price point will greatly lower sales and they are not worth it!
Maybe it's good for availability but bad in general for the comman man.
Yea, stick it to the man Nike, stick it to him

Also, more dudes then ever are going to get jacked over their $245 foams :x
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the shoes will still be sold at $245.00

look at the aftermarket price the early websites and nike sees shoes being sold way over retail

nike feels strong enough that at $245.00 the shoes will still move aand you know what i'm sure they will
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Yes and no. They are tanks so they are durable. And the comfort is touch notch....

However, the last pair I purchased (the last Royals) were defected. They ended up getting a tear by the laces on the inside part of each foot. The tear is right next to the closest seam to your toes. Its like someone sliced them before selling them. I thought it was a scuff or discoloration, but after a few wears it popped open. then a month later it happened to the other side and that side didn't even have the mark.
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foams are worth it... and these crimson reds will  be flame the same people who say that they are not worth the money more than likly spend double that on jays a month that they refuse to wear due to material.
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I think they're still worth it, but as long as the resellers keep feeding off of these, the price will just keep going up. Unfortunate, but the truth. :rolleyes
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From what I remember they were about $220 after tax in the 90s. Thats the most ill pay. As for the resell price, as a person who used to have a pic of the foams in his wallet, I would say hell on top of **** no!
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