Are retro VI's good for playin ball

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whats good nt i recently bought the oreo vi's for a good price from foot locker store credit, and i wanted to know if they are good for playing ball in cause ive always liked the comfort on the vi's and i really want to take them to the court but im not 100% sure yet... what do u guys think?

crazy ebw

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It's a bad quality version of a shoe based of 20 year old technology. Do the math.
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VI never had great support or traction. Now that they've changed the midsole material, they feel pretty clunky too. Wouldn't advise it.
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its possible......... but like the two above has stated, its not recommended. You better get an AIRR insole if you do.
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I agree with EBW, I refuse to play ball in any retros anymore. The last time I did that, I came home with two black toe nails.
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Even MJ himself, in 91' had trouble playing in the og VI's in the NBA Finals. Nike had to offer him a modified version of the VI but he chose to continue playing in them to finish the Finals...

...should tell you all you need to know about VI's in general..and those were the OG's..imagine playing in the retro's..
...still one of my favorite models though..
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No cushion and horrible traction. Not to mention the cost 160. Only fools would buy this crap for performance


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Originally Posted by Crazy EBW

It's a bad quality version of a shoe based of 20 year old technology. Do the math.
This^^ Why play in old technology, go get a new basketball shoe with new and better technology.

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