Are the jordan 1 retro package(bmp) coming out in the P.I

Mar 6, 2007
I just wanted to know if the the jordan retro 1 package is coming out in the phillipines and whats the release date
for the bmp's in America its 4/21/07 and where can i get it in Manila please reply back Thank you oh yea and how much are they goning to cost in pesos
It is going to be released here.

I don't know the exact date but its probably April or May.

I heard its going to cost PHP13,000.00
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yeah. Nike here dont know how to price the new jordan retros. seriously! and suckers like me still wanna cop em'...

just caust its a BMP = 2 jordans =
7450 x 2..
13000php vs. $200 (US SRP)? That's a huge difference.

.... I'd still get one though :rofl:
sadik, it was postd @ is forums... haha
and JRB. yep!

They priced Cool greys = Fire red Vs = Grapes = Olive = Metalic black V = 7495.

nike here dont know the difference. i wonder if flips and fire reds iiis will be the same price too... someone here def works for nike. tell your managers!

they need to know some things are cheaper while some are more expensive, the limited ones obviously....

not EVERY thing has to 7495pesos = US$ 150 ! <--- reseller's price already...
^ You are lucky, man. Really lucky. You must be getting all the nice ones early, having connects and all.


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^Haha no! Its just info! I don't have connects.
Chamba lang na nasabihan ako that time.

I don't have that much money to get stuff... yet.

Maybe after graduation and I start working! :D
The worst disability, is the disability to understand.
i hope i have the dough when this drops!
lookin for aj4 mars sz 9! holla at me!
i've decided to pass these... no funds... however US200 for 2 jordans (US260 is not) however is a steal. and the box is nice.. godluck on the ones who are still hopin to cop em'..
will definitely cop the bmps (if i have money by that time they are launching in the pi) :smile:
the box.....i like.....the sneaker......i don't
i hope they there will be sale for the box only LOL
I'd love to get these if I had the money. But the FR III's left a whole in my wallet. I remember two or three years ago when the CG IV's dropped PHP5495 seemed like a big amount. Now 7495 for a pair of GR kicks :\
well they still have the bmp in the pi in may cause that when im goin to the pi ill be there like may 4th
dats ok carlofromdaPI
heard maybe nike park/town will be getting theyre stocks soon also
just do your monitoring so you will finally get your set :smile:
Carlo, ask you cousin why Nike PI has not been bringin in your size!!


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