are the jordan xiv chatreuse/graphite uncomfortable to wear?

Dec 10, 2006
discuss, please. if anyone has a pair of these, pls let me know what you think of these shoes. im getting a little bit worried when the seller told me that these shoes are uncomfortable as hell to wear and very stiff. i really dont know if i want to buy them anymore.
maybe he doesnt like the cut of the xivs. i heard some complain how they fit in terms of the heel cutting in to their ankles.
i have 5 pairs of the xivs, i love em all. they are one of the best and one of my favorites.
i got some size 11 heat,deadstock. get at me
I might have to agree a tad because the tongue scratches ur shin area.

also, they are kinda stiff, probably due to the material.
It is harsh !
i find that all XIV arent that comfy just to kick it in, but they are top notch when ballin in them.
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first time i wore my cinders, it did cut my ankle up but after the first wear they were fine- i was wearing no show socks with them which was probably the problem, now i rock socks that cover my ankles with my xivs and they are fine
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all the xivs i've ever worn have been confortable except my white/red retros. the heel is fine, but one of the toe boxes has something wrong with it. after about an hour i cant stand them.
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by the way, im not gonna ball in these when i get them. i am going to wear as casual shoes. any suggestion on the size i should get? i currently own one pair of jordan and they are jordan air retro 1 low all white and they're size 11's. i wear two socks with the size 11 and still have space leftover. should i get the XIV's in size 10.5 or 11? let me know! also, the seller told me that suede makes the shoes more stiffer than the leather ones, anyone on here have the chartreuse/graphite XIV's? THANKS!
My suggestion if you are looking for comfort, the OG XIVs are way better than the retros. They dont cut your shin where the tongue is and they look and feel a lot better!!!
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i doubt i can afford the og's though lmao. im new to the whole shoe game and @#%$, plus, i am only 16..
i find that all XIV arent that comfy just to kick it in, but they are top notch when ballin in them.

agreed, but I found my last shot to be very comfy after my second rocking them.
Don't let others tell you what. You can probably try a pair on yourself?

But I think they fit TRUE, though i went up .5 with no problems at all.
I'm a 10.5 in almost all JORDANS. 11 in SBs and sz 11 in these charts were no prob. They are nice though, definitely something different from the other 14s or shoe material.
It is harsh !
All XIV's are great for balling
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I only have the retro white/ vars. red. Very comfortable, but yeah if you wear no-show socks they will cut into your ankle.
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XIVs are nice for balling. but if the shoes were virgin, then you'll feel the pain of having the metal bar on tongue.
But overall is okay.

For your case, that color is kinda gay.
I have about 7 pairs of 14s and I thought that the Black/Red and Black/White/Red Retros were the most comfortable the Pink Lows, Women's Linen's, and the Black/Blue ones were uncomfortable to me, overall I didn't see that top notch performance everyone is saying about them.
I have the "Last Shots" and the Blk/UniBlu and I find the Blk/UniBlu are much more comfortable than the "Last Shots" both for casual and playing in.
If you wear socks high enough to cover your ankles, they're great. Beware with low socks though, I get blisters and blood.
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i have a couple of XIVs and they're both comfortable with regards to the fit of the shoes itself but im kinda having some problems with the cut of the mids coz im having limited mobility when im playing ball and even when just walking. so, iguess this is a very subjective matter.....
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