are there any terabyte laptop HD

Joined Apr 1, 2009
no but I need an upgrade from the 320 I have now. and I have a 320 external one and both are about full and deleted whatever I don't need already.
I've seen 1tb desktop hard drives going for the same price a 640 laptop one
Joined Nov 16, 2001
if you have a decent budget and are connected to a network at most times, you can try setting up your own FTP server at home.  That way you can access anything wherever you are.  It would also be a lot cheaper than the $10k HD and would be easily upgradable and would offer a backup if you set it up with dual RAID drives.
Joined Jul 2, 2002
I got a TB external for $150. It's just a WD USB, nothing fancy but it holds what I need it to and keeps my macbook backed up.
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