Are these 3s wearable or will they get worst?

just from the looks of it they look fine to wear.

the more important part is how firm the midsoles are. if they are firm and not dry you should be fine. if they are soft or feel weak then you might want tojust wear them around the house fist to see if they crack......
no they'll get
Paint will crack more but structurally it should be fine. I haven't seen many White Cements from 2003 that aren't wearable..
Just paint cracking....mine are doing the same thing!
I still rock them all the time....strong as ever!
most definitely wearable and they will only get worse if you are hard on them. Do not Skate in them!!
agreed ^^totally wearable, thats just cosmetic. that shouldn't affect the wear. just sharpie it!
yes to both ?'s, they are wearable, and yes, they will get worse, or "worst"
never wearin is worse than wearin at least couple times a month
i heard from someone that not wearing fastens the aging of sole and eventually the cracks will get worse
i dont remember exactly why but i think certain amount of pressure applied to the sole keeps it in shape
Thats a scrape not a crack. Other than hurting your pride since those are so expensive (if you are the one that made the boo-boo), they'll be just fine.
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