Are you tired of the space jams too ?

Joined Dec 21, 2009
Since the space jam release everyday i go outside i see at least one person wearing them and am getting tired of them now i was wondering if anyone felt the same way


Joined Nov 15, 2008
i cant say im tired of them, but i dont see them as anything special anymore, in my opinion this years retros look type goofy
Joined Jan 26, 2009
one kid at my school wears his everyday. it doest stress me cause mine still DS...until the summer


formerly mac4167
Joined Nov 15, 2008
i guess im just getting tired of seeing everyone with them, it kinda took away from the signifigance of weaing my 01's
Joined Sep 22, 2005
I understand what some people mean by this, but not to the extreme people worry about it.  I wear jeans and I see other people wearing jeans, but it doesn't bother me or keep me from wearing mine.
Joined Jul 21, 2006
Nope, not tired. It's nice to be able to sport the Space Jams. Had the 01 Retros, and have the 09 Retros. I made sure I multi-copped. 9 years is way too long to wait for these to retro again.

No one down here in Orlando wearin the Space Jams. Most heads sold them because they realized how much they were going for. The Space Jams are one of my favorite J's of all time.
Joined Mar 13, 2009
Yeah and I don't even have them. everytime I see them on ebay, I get upset cuz there always set at some crazy high price. I don't understand how they sold out in my area so quickly when they first came out, and I haven't seen not one person with them on yet except for a little kid. when I go to school, I don't see nobody with them on. I have yet to see them in person( I'm dead serious). I only seen pics online. I still want them though. I will get them. They will be mine.....someday
Joined Jan 2, 2010
im not tired of seeing people wear sj. I just think they're practical. Rather than the soles yellow in the box on its own...or the midsole giving away due to being in cling wrap with silica packs and inside a ziplock inside a dark room...They're shoes. wear em
Joined May 24, 2008
guess it all depends on where u live.................I dont see many people wearing them here............Mine are still ds and cant wait till summer to wear the helloutofem!!!!!!!
Joined Dec 21, 2009
I live in New York and i go to college here and i see at least one person wearing them everyday special girls lol i guess its different at other places but when new sneakers come out especially new jordans everyone cops and wears them the next day lol
Joined Jul 28, 2009
I'm tired of the people with the Space Jam XI on, thinking they're all that, but then again - when I wear my DMP XI, I feel lime I'm on top and everybody is beneath me.
Joined Nov 17, 2009
I love rocking mine to the country club, yes these are basketball shoes and yes they look sick
Joined Dec 22, 2009
no sir. I'm not tried or tired of the spacejams. I love seeing everyone wear theirs, that just means when i UN-DS a pair in 2.5 years everybodys (except forNT) will be dead and gone.
P.S. I will also un Ds a pair 5 years after the release date, unless i have to sell for some reason


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Originally Posted by Mercenary X

I'm tired of the people with the Space Jam XI on, thinking they're all that, but then again - when I wear my DMP XI, I feel lime I'm on top and everybody is beneath me.
Posted: 04/06/10 10:25 PM
^ until they re-retro the Concords. Then you would slip back into medicority

Pretty much...
DMP XI's are soo overrated I had the pack...wasnt impressed. Forgot why I sold em, bought it again. Remembered they were overrated sold them again.
I dont get tired of it anymore. They're Jordans, everyone and they grandma wear em. So get used to it. 

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