Ashiatsu - Any NT'ers experienced this massage?

Mar 26, 2009
Through my job I got a Massage Envy membership - 1 freebie per month and every massage after that is only 20 bucks. Thing is, most employees are women who don't have nearly enough power in their hands to make a difference. The only two males on the staff are booked solid 24/7.

So I started reading up on Ashiatsu, where the therapist actually climbs onto the table and walks on your back and their are bars affixed to the ceiling they can hold onto.


Makes sense, being able to leveraging their full body weight versus maybe 20 (if that) pounds of pressure they can generate with their arms. Not too mention their foot covers bigger surface than their elbows or finger tips so you get much more bang for your buck. Not to mention they don't slather a bunch of oil on your skin, to me thats the most annoying thing about standard massages.

It is still pretty much a new thing though - in a 30 mile radius I was only able to find like 4 studios that specialize in Ashiatsu. Wasn't able to get a same day appointment, but I only gotta wait until Monday. I'm getting a 2 hour session for only $150. Before I was was paying this chiropractor dude 60 dollars a session...he would crack my back for 5 minutes, then hook some electrodes up to my back and have me sit there for 15 minutes. Compared to Massage Envy he was getting me better results but I felt I was getting scammed, I think this Ashiatsu thing is gonna rock my world and will by far be a much better value.

Anybody had this done before?


Mar 19, 2013
I dunno what kinda shady spots some of you perverts frequent but the licensed RMT i see isnt weak at all. Shes a small lady but shes strong af and shes trained so she has the technique down. I pretty much only go for stretching. I highly recommend going esp if you have insurance. Take full advantage of it. Once a week youll be feeling brand new.
Feb 15, 2009
Pass, People Dont Be Washing They Feet.

/have regular stank feet.

peeped this at the airport one time. it was regular security no pre check so the shoes had to come off.

it wasn't winter, so a lotta people wore sandals.

so the mat was just getting all types of bare feet and of course wat ends up happening is the matt starts kicking. it was to the point where the TSA agents had lysol spray to hit the mat then and now.

so wear socks if you flying. and shower before.
Mar 26, 2009
To update:

Ended up getting it done, my therapist house was located in an affluent area part of town where the house is a good 40 feet down a hidden, winding driveway.

I park in the driveway and am waiting outside for like 10 minutes before the garage door opens up and I get greeted by her husband who I guess manages her schedule. Now here's the thing...when I booked the appointment, I used a fake name just in case things go wrong. Well the husband greets me by my government name which scared the **** outta me. They gotta ring doorbell camera on their garage so I'm guessing he has some type of law enforcement connects and was able to run my license plate, that's the only conceivable way I think he could a got my real name.

Normally in this situation I woulda walked away and took the L, but I figured I drove 15 miles out there so i went forward with it. And these people are non threatening/confrontational anyways, husband was a sandals and jeans type dude with the 90s bowlcut/middle part hairstyle. He had me sign medical forms and then his wife comes out wearing the medical scrubs.

She directs me to the table and tells me it's my choice whether I can get full naked underneath the blanket. I go shirtless but keep my boxers on, I figure what's the point I'm going to be covered by a blanket regardless....

So anywho, she starts doing her thing and her feet are COLD as hell. Not to mention she must of oiled her feet up cause she was slipping and sliding all over my back. I was expecting her to like press her heel into my muscles but she was mostly rolling me like dough the whole time. The only part that felt good was when she was doing my arms.

And as is custom with this industry, she was playing this stupid elevator music and had water/earth sound effects which made the whole experience even worse, straight insult to injury.

I do think I'm going to get another one by the end of the year, this time I'll be more assertive. Before we even start, I'lllet her know my expectation and that I have a super high pain tolerance and can take much more pressure than the average person. Ill interrupt midway massage and coach and give instructions. Let her know straight up I won't settle for a subpar massage and she won't get a tip if she doesn't put in the required effort.
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