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Seems like she is in LA now. Headline is misleading. I was about to hit her up at UCSF Parnassus or somethin :lol:
I think she’s trying to play it safe so she won’t get stalked :lol:. Was watching her YouTube channel when I found out about her last week, she was in LA for school then work and moved back to the Bay. She could be back in LA though. But I have a feeling she doesn’t work in SF but in the other parts of the Bay. Good luck Bro!
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message to all the NTers please donate if you can miss a small amount of money
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The person probably meant well but doesn't seem like it was vetted and they have no ties to her.

On the GoFundMe the person updated it with this:


Thank you for your donations. Backpacks For the Street has reported this to Go Fund Me due to using their images citing that "you've put us and our work in a bad position." I was asked to "cease using our story and our clients images. Our clients don't know you and we don't know you and we can not allow this to continue"

Let's try to find another way to help Grandma Mai.

I believe your donations should be returned to you very soon.

We are all a better society because we have people like you in it.

With gratitude,
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Backpacks For the Street is dumb as hell for reporting that go fund me :smh:
so nowadays you need ties to help someone ???
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