Asking 100 girls for sex

Joined Oct 4, 2011
^You're wrong. They had a black dude asking chicks if they wanted to see his bbc. Didn't happen.
Joined Mar 28, 2009
The girl one is hilarious. Some of those reactions are priceless. I feel for the dudes who just said yes easily tho...I DEF woulda been like man..what is really going on here lol
Joined Feb 25, 2010
I can't believe he asked those girls in front of their mom :smh: :lol:

The bbc video :rofl: :rofl:
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Joined May 8, 2012
After watching both videos, i've come to this conclusion:

Most guys we're honest, while most girls lied. The only girl who seemed candidly honest was the one that said, "Maybe, perhaps."
Joined Mar 28, 2009
I think its kinda funny when the bf has to say no and the girl kinda pauses to think about it lmao
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