ASU sneakerheads

Nov 30, 2006
Is there any ASU Jordan Heads? When I walk around campus I see a lot of people wearin Jay's, but I don't know who is nter. Relpy if you go to ASU and are a sneakerhead.
I see a lot of fakes on campus. There is a couple guys in my class who have every pair of fakes you can think of, it's rediculous. Have you thought of starting a club or anything?
Next year is my last semester at ASU. I only have one class this semester but when I'm on campus it just sickens me by how many fakes I see. Not sure if it those dudes that try to floss like they have something sick or they just don't know. Either way, it's just makes me shake my head now.
i agree i hate seeing all the fakes but naw i aint think of a club or anything im to busy trying to pass my classes lol but that is a good idea
any of you work for the nike factory store? i'd hate to think i'm talking to one of my fellow employees and don't know it
no i work at footaction in fiesta....i need to make a trip to the nike store tho i havent been in so long
Dilla would you be down to start up a sneaker club next semester? I wanna know how many people rock legit jays. I'm tired of seein fakes all over. 50 thousand people there gotta be a good amount of sneakerheads you think.
Is this any different from the 2 summits we've already had to call it the first?
I don't care how much "bigger" this is, if there's one (EVEN ONE) pair of fakes I can't/wouldn't/won't call it better than the 2 summits we've had (even though I missed the 2nd one). I mean, promote the hell out of it because I would love to see all the sneaker heads here in AZ. But with promotion comes the wack a$$es and posers. Quality over Quantity remember that. And please...remember those that came before you! I know you're out there Chris and Alex!
waldoaz i agree with you gotta start somewhere and that would help us maybe get a tier zero account out here...and Baron4MVP just let me know what you got in mind just remember we got our winter break coming up
i didn't mean to rain on the parade man, sorry. i was even hoping for you to come in the store when you get flyers or whatever you're doing to spread the word to our associates and anyone else that comes through the store. i'm just jaded by how many fakes i see on a daily basis and would like to see a "real" sneaker event like the summits before. i forgot to add to my earlier post (im lazy), that it's not like you can stop people rocking fakes from coming through your event, but fake rockers shouldn't be encouraged to come either.
I'd like to throw a few things out if I could. First of all this post has been hilarious. Secondly and more importantly... I think all of us that have been for here for a while just have some great memories of those first few summits and don't want anything in the future to tarnish those memories. Bottom line, that 1st summit in the summer of 05' was dope. We had almost 100 cats that really were into shoes and being a part of the day. Man, I damn near worked all day friday and Saturday bringing all my crap down to Majerles. And in the end I felt we (AZ shoe collectors) had really put together a great event. That was before fakes really were socially acceptable like they are now. Ya know at Majerles I met so many ppl and was always kinda known down there as the dude to talk about when it came to kicks. Funny story that no one really knows is that I actually had a dude ask me to sponser the 2nd summit and he wanted to sell fakes out of the back of his car on 2nd and Washington. Talk about a stoneface. I couldn't believe it at the time but that is where the game was headed. I think a year or 2 ago advertising to throw a monster shoe show would've been better timing but times have changed so if you did it now you are gonna get a lot more of that "element". That being said, do I personally thing you should try to put something together? Absolutly. I know I don't have the time to try to do it. Those of of us that were at those 1st few events know how almost perfect the venue was and remeber how it was just enough room to meet new ppl and talk kicks. Plus the HEAT that was there? Raffling off Cinco's? Rayguns? Damn... With times the way they are now, I could just see 20-30% (seriously, maybe more) of the ppl that "heard about it" and were not directly linked to this site showing up wearing fugazi gear. That just upsets all of us that take pride and give a crap about our kicks and collections. Bottom line is that you can't make ppl care if they just DON"T care. And ppl that wear them don't care one way or another. And the few of us that have been here from day one have had to deal with that change this whole time. I've known BigPUNoy for years... I was at Alexzona's wedding for god's sake and Zodogg (When they gonna approve new names dude? :b
) text and email each other all the time. I've gotten some bonafide real friends just from the fact that I happen to collect shoes. That is pretty cool to me and I think BigPUN is just showing his frustration towards socioty more that he's frustrated with you WaldoAZ. He just has the same picture in his head that I do when thinking what the turnout would look like.

Damn... I didn't really mean to go off on that tangent like but since I typed all that crap out i'm leaving it.
Judging by your website waldo, are you going to be charging 30 bucks for this event?
No hate fam, but sometimes it is better for our culture to stay unified and away from the mainstream.
DAMN!!! Look at Chris logging in some time on NT for once! Yeah, my mistake Waldo for making it seem like I was attacking you and your event, because that's really not the case. I would love to have another event especially since I'm making AZ my home now. And working at the Nike Outlet with a bunch of other sneaker heads just talking about shoes/sports all day has really made my passion for this collecting thing that much stronger. It's just hard going to/working at the mall hearing dudes say we have crap at our store when they're wearing some clear 7's, so yeah im frustrated with the shoe game and I'm sure it's the same if not worse in other parts of the country.

I really wish you and your group all the luck with organizing this event. Keep us updated as you get closer to making it happen.
I gotta jump in here before I leave to Seattle for few days and say a couple things .You make some interesting and bold statements Waldoaz . I'm very interested to see if the guy who posted "I have my Grapes on lock" and then didn't get them can back them up . As one of the organizers of the first 2 summits I take offense to you trying to downplay and overshadow what we did with our events . I back up my words and kicks with substance many here who know me will tell you the same . Do you ?
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