Athlete's World "Sneakerheadz"

Dec 26, 2006
What's the story on this promotion? Is it basically just Athlete's world getting in a few sneakers a month that normally are only released to boutiques? Are these sneakers that are limited only to Athlete's World? Is it just a marketing gimic to sell sneakers that Athlete's World and Footlocker would be getting anyway? Are all Athlete's Worlds who are part of the gimic getting every sneaker?
according to their website, it says, " Sneaker Headz a seasonal collection of rare and limited releases."

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AW suits trying to get on the culture bandwagon..

With GDFT holding one of the most prestigious Nike accounts (Tier 0), Livestock not too far behind and FTL/CHA having the major chains on smash I dont know what they could possibly bring to the table..

Maybe they are talking some Ecko 'sclussies? Fubu possibly?

We'll see, but with "Sneakerheads" being all slanged up with the "z" at the end, Im optimistic about this whole thing :x

lol, i don't even go into that store, walk right past it, there's nothing good in there.
looking for the following in a size 12/13 - Hawaii Dunks, Black Spizike's
I went there the other day they had black five blazers,And the forest green air assaults.Not really anything ''exclusive''
AW suits trying to get on the culture bandwagon..

Couldn't have said it better myself.

AW is just trying to cash in on the trendiness that is sneakers these days. If you look at the website, the shoes in their collection aren't really anything special (nor do they seem to be exclusive to AW). Pretty lame if you ask me.

I can't wait until all the hype surrounding sneakers dies back down to the level it was at even a couple of years ago.
there will always be someone (mostly corporations) who wants to use a "culture" or "scene" to sell anything, i.e. deodorant endorsed by bam margera. skateboarding has seen it all.i say go for it, lets the true heads have the goods. perhaps....
I saw the shoes to be released through this "sneakerheadz" thing and I almost fell off my chair laughing.

wow prolly all hypebeasts over this
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This thing is a joke. I find the display they have them on at the front of the store to be quite embarassing. Has poser written all over it. Plus footlocker and champs had most of these "limited" sneakers a month ago. I was bummed when Champs sold out of the second glow dunk hi, but when I saw it on this "Sneakerheadz" display I said @#%$ it and passed.
De la dunk Low size 11
What kind of shoes are they selling for this campaign?
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"With GDFT holding one of the most prestigious Nike accounts (Tier 0), Livestock not too far behind and FTL/CHA having the major chains on smash I dont know what they could possibly bring to the table.."

what does GDFT mean? goodfoot?
A few AWs used to carry some gr dunks a looooong time ago

AW is going downhill, it has been for past few years.

That's why they closed down some outlets, branches, and dropped some of their lines, and got less popular gear now.

Eventually they'll be acquired or just go bankrupt.
i heard there are only 4 exclusive store in canada that carry the sneakerhead pro.
and all the exclusive shoes they got are the pre-keds, reebok, and the Air max 90, Dunk high, and maybe the blazer which champs and footlocker carried...
I remember going to the Athletes World in Chinook Mall in Calgary and being told by 2 employees that Air Jordans did not come in a size 8.5 mens.

Sneakerhead"z" indeed.... :rolleyes

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wow those pro keds on the "sneakerheadz" display are absolutely hideous and disgusting. i hope no one ever buys them
the sneakerheadz promo is not the greatest i admit. but athletes world will never go bankrupt. Athletes world is owned by Bata, Bata is the biggest shoe company in the world. maybe not in north america, but they are huge in europe. Every continent you visit you will find a Bata store.

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anyone remember AW back in the day...jordans on the 50% off table? i remember white/black/red and olive 9s on there...and it was FULLLL of olives..

anyone remember that athlete's world outlet at woodside before it became "The Score" ..they sent their jordan 1 retros there and sold 'em at 50% off too...

the good 'ol days...haha
dimsum, go back just a little further.
AW had true blues for 89.99 at some point @ their retail locations.

and woodside had white navy VI on their table.

and go back a little further. woodside had sport CHECK, yes not sport chek, but sport CHECK. that carried zoom 95. :pimp:

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