ATL NT'ers Whats the Move this weekend/Summer!

May 26, 2003
Before this is moved, haha someone hit the kid up and let me know whats up because I am so out the loop when ever I come home. I`m straight on the clubsthough.
Sat row D section 115 for game 2 and game 7. How is the view from the suite? I'm thinking about seeing LeBron live.
But yea what are some events this summer?

Me and my "lady friend" arent talking/havent talked in a min so.......

And cant hang with my dudes from the hood cause dudes not up to nothing......

And all my college pals are spread all over the A/GA so we gotta plan stuff out.

I`m pretty much just tryna network and hang with other NTer's, not on no bromo stuff though.
I got a cousin's wedding on Saturday. Open bar.

I was planning on getting trashed and trying to get at some of her sorority sisters...but I was checking their website the other day and it looks like,unfortunately, she was in the fat chick sorority.
haha. Man I`m gonna be so bored at the crib.
If alot of the folks I mess with didnt stay so far out it wouldnt be a problem. Can't get wasted and be theonly cat that stay on my side of town.
u goota check out peter street, its the new buckhead, u can bar hop all night and its no charge for most of the spots
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