Sep 14, 2005

Man, the southeast forum been dead for a minute. Just checking to see what yall do when you get out...

I don't get out as often as I use to, but I have found myself at House nightclub at the underground more often on the weekends. Its jumpin most Fridays and Saturdays plus $3 parking, can't go wrong. Also 112 or the Compound, but usually go on special occasions like album release partys and such.

Also Atlantic station is a cool spot to kick it before the club. Fox Sports Grill and Cheesecake Bistro are usually filled with beautiful people, cool to just chill, eat and sip somethin. Also Glady's Chicken and Waffles. Order a Midnight Train or smothered chicken with an Uptown to drink, I'm in heaven...

So I guess, just post cool spots to kick it or new events, whether you go grab some pizza at Slice with your lady, chill at MJQ on that alternative steez or you throw up stacks at Bodytap...

Mr. T
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Slice, M Bar, Pearl all in the same area are never a let down

The patio at California Pizza Kitchen on Sunday's at Atlantic Station is a good spot to post up
nowhere i aint been home since January.
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atlantic station seems to be the spot for now. but i try to get out all over the metro area. hate being around a bunch of folk.
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waddup T, aint seen u in a while... and actually txtd u yesterday, non-replyin self...
but um...
im still a yungin, so we kick it at places like pinstrikes and the movies in clayton county, haha...
ben hill. for parties and what not..

we go bowling at AMC union city alot..

sucks not being 18.
give me till September T lol...then Dorian and I will be 21 ha ha!!! You know we bout to be in Texas for the summer working with Texas Instruments?!? You know any kick spots out there?
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Atlantic station is where it's at. I be over there, and I also chill at Lennox and the Underground, and maybe Phipps plaza from time to time. As far as clubbing goes, I've only been to one club since I turned 18, and that was Mama's Primetime It wasn't really my type of spot, but since I got in for free, I can't complain
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Django's on Saturdays. Sugarhill on Tuesdays & Sundays. Dugans every night. And more importantly Django's again on the 26th of April for the first Wale concert in Atlanta with the X.O. band.
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