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The primary use of the speakers will be with computer use.  Pretty much for movies and music.

I currently have a pair of logitech speakers that I got for ~$30 back in the day, they're obviously not amazing, but it gets the job done and I can't really complain.

I'm looking for an upgrade though.  My price range should be about ~$300-400.  I've listened to the Bose companions, they're ehhh.

I would prefer portability and easy to set up, but I wouldn't mind mounting a few speakers as it will probably obviously play a significant role in sound imaging.

So let's here what you guys got.
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It's tough to get a good set of computer speakers as most of them are pretty much just little 2 or 3 inch drivers and then an attached subwoofer. But B&W is putting out a pair of computer speakers and although I've never heard them B&W is a great brand and I'm sure these things will have some great sound and good imaging depending on placement. I'm sure Apple stores should be getting them soon as they carry all of B&W's other portable speakers like the Zepplin which is a great iPod dock speaker but a bit on the pricey side. But you did say 200 to 300 bucks and I would imagine these speakers would be in that range. So here's the link.;utm_medium=PROMOLINK2

I would imagine they are coming out very soon, but I would definitely give these a try first.
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I would give those b&w's a chance. I have to believe straight computer speakers are drastically improving since everyone's home systems are now largely based on them. haven't shopped them in a while though.

from my experience from before it's tough to get quality computer speakers. my dad has a set of some higher end logitech ones that sound pretty good, but they were probably shy of $100. for the quality I'm guessing you're shooting for with that price range it will probably be easier to just buy a receiver and speakers like you were setting up a regular stereo and buy a cable to get audio from the cpu.
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