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I hear TNA is hiring

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I suggested this last week. That Terry Funk GREAT VALUE promo that was posted on here got me hyped. I’d like to watch a GAB or Summerslam. Something 4th or ‘Murrica related. GAB ‘89, SS ‘93, Hog Wild :lol:

I can watch tonight around 9pm EST

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I hear TNA is hiring I hear TNA is hiring
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Ill have it on in the background and comment time to time.

See you there, dont be late COMMISH.
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It was rumored she’s been unhappy there for months even before the Nia incident. I think she would be leaving regardless.
I like Kairi, but there’s been nothing for her on the main roster except mostly being Asuka’s sidekick and being a jobber to nia snax. It’s a shame since she’s a damn good wrestler. Wanted to see Io move up and join her and Asuka to form a stable.
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I'm only a heel, because everything I say or predicted has come true or been proven right.

I'm never proven wrong, I'm never bested.

I'm the funniest, the wittiest, the most entertaining.

I don't curse, waste bandwith with GIFS, and my post get all the emoji LIKES.

I'm ABSOLUTELY the MOST HUMBLE one here. I can shine my GREATNESS every other post if I want, but I don't.

Because I see that there are tons of NTWT members who need the promo time and experience.

We are talking about individuals who have over 30,000 post, with no comeback ability. No dis ability. No Insult ability. It's really sad, and quite pathetic.

And, because I am aware, I have realized this, and I allow these low card to mid carders to get thread time.

Now, THAT Sounds like a Top Baby Face to me.

But in a thread of mostly Haters, I'm the BAD GUY.

But those who know, KNOW what's up with THE BEST PROMO ON NT.

You cant see me.

...and Peyton Royce's new finisher doesn't fit her. A spinning brain-buster? Really? Since when? It doesn't match any of her moves or persona. Perfect Plex was a better finisher for her.

For someone to have a move of that caliber, their wrestling style needs to be devastating too. Peyton Royce, yes, improved in-ring, is not devastating in any way.
El Promo Del Fantasma :pimp:

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Are we still doing a watch Along tonight? If so how many people are there? If no.. when are we doing a watch Along?
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