Austin and other South Texas NTers...

Nov 14, 2004
Whats up everyone, dont know if you have been checking the SA post but we want to invite all Austin and South Texas NTers to our meetup this Sunday, 6:45 pm at Buffalo Wild Wings on the Northeast Side of SA (less of a drive for the Austin crowd). We are planning to do another show like we did earlier this year, so we want to encourage other Texas sneakerheads to be involved. Inbox myself or T21D if you are interested or for further details.

Check link below for directions to Buffalo Wild Wings from where you live:
Yo whats up The DOGG finally got technoligy at his fingure tips ...... Aaaaaa Naaaa Its over Son .. Were all my Atx Support's out there .. Hit us BACK ... We got something INTRESTING for all ya SNEAKER FREAKERS out there for the 07' .. KIT for the the latest ........


" Damn Them Joint's Is Tight "

Some kid i walked by---
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