Austin - Grape V's

Jan 9, 2001
How are y'all planning on getting these? Are they going to be at any local foot lockers, footactions, etc? or are we going to have to do Eastbay and Eastbay only?

I was at the riot at Highland Mall for the DMP...I do NOT want to stand in line for 8 hours for these again. Talk to me.
I Wear Size 12.5...It's a Curse
dunks are the most overrated shoe of all time
I think Foot Action is your only shot. Active Athlete always reserves their pairs and they up the price anyway. Foot Action only got 19 pairs of the black/carolina according to the guy I talked to, so I might not even try with these. And if you try, I think you'll have to get there pretty early. I heard that Highland is now only letting a few people in at a time because of what happened so you would have to be up front. I don't know if someone else can confirm that, I haven't gone early for any of the releases since the DMP.
Yeah that DMP Highland mall thing was out of control... I didn't even know people lined up for any other release out there? I picked up militaries at Tylers.

So Footaction in Highland is my only shot? Awwww @#%$.
I Wear Size 12.5...It's a Curse
dunks are the most overrated shoe of all time
I'm going to just go the Eastbay route. Don't feel like messing with Highland ...
Good luck with that. :lol:
Highland is a better chance than Eastbay. But I guess I'll try too. I called FA and they said 22 pairs.
I need a size 12 also in Austin...Foot Action in Highland is the only place getting them? Can we confirm this?
I Wear Size 12.5...It's a Curse
dunks are the most overrated shoe of all time
where exactly can i get these....i'm flying into the Austin airport at where can i find a spot to get these coming from the airport...get at me
are you flying in 1230 Am or pm???????? cause if its PM the grapes are most likely gone by then
Did you guys get yours? I overslept >:
meant to get there at around 5:30. Drove by around 6 and it looked like there were more than 22 people and I"m sure some of them were going to buy multiple pairs.
i went to highland mall got an 8.5 but i wear an 8 any willling to trade let me know
I got mine from FA. Paid retail. Mike at Active wanted to to charge $300, he wanted to include those ugly as laneys 23.

Oh, I thought you got them from Active for some reason. 300 is really high, I thought it would be around $250. And who wants the Laney 23s? :lol:

Anyway, congrats on getting a pair. What time did you get there?
how much was mike charging? i know they had to be sold out already. since people always have it on hold 5 months ahead.
I usually get my Js from Mike. But I just couldnt pay 3 bills for Grapes and some Laneys.

Who wants Laneys, which will be on sale racks in less than a month. HAHAHA!

looking to trade size 11 or 12 BLK CARO for sz 11 or 12 GRAPES!!!
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