Jan 16, 2006
What's up people? Quick question. I am considering moving from Southern California to Austin, TX (Round Rock, Cedar Park, etc) and wanted some information about the city. If there are any southern californians living over there right now, what do you see as the main differences between Socal and Austin? How hot does it get in the summer time? Is there a lot to do for young kids (main reason I am considering)?
Any infromation or comments you have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
There is definently alot of things to do for kids, austin has everything ...BTW do you own
Welcome to Texas!
I'm pretty sure you'll meet some Socal folks out here but in due time. Austins a college town and has a lot of history, it's a nice place to raise a fam. The party scene is crazy, I'll let the younger cats tell you. As far as weather, this is Texas so it's humid and hot all summer. Your planning to move to a nice area, remember you have New braunfels and San antonio pretty close to keep yourself entertained.
Hoped I helped you out some. Other people will fill you In on other stuff. Oh yeah, those guys in San antonio know a thing or two about kicks.

If U can make in to Texas b 4 the 15 of Apr hit up the Sneaker Shoe. Them boys of Team Ack Rite, Ant, Joesuf,Fred, Ucasta and many others hav worked their *** off to make a slammin show! It will be in San Antonio. Let us know wen u get in to the state so we can welcome a fellow shoe head
Hope u do consider making the move to Tejas. Austin is a fun city, college town and has a great music scene. For younger kids, there is natural bridge caverns and Schitterbahn waterpark (best waterpark in the nation) in New Braunfels, Sea World and Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio just to name a few places. Plus there is a great community of sneakerheads around the area. But the catcher has to be motive807 in downtown austin.
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Nice place to live. Real chill compared to Southern Cal. It's a lot cheaper over here than over there.
^^ ucasta, you aint from austin so plz leave this jk...
I agree though, Austin is a fun city especially when it comes to the
music scene. Always some good shows goin' on...
The city is pretty diverse as well.
And if you ever need a change of scenery SA is a short drive away.
We got good food here too. :wink:

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Austin is a great place to live...highlights are definitely the history of Austin and the nightlife in addition to the music scene. TONS of things to do with the kids, nice parks, recreational areas in the downtown area. You can hike through the Twin Falls park and swim in the natural spring water. Lots of water activities out at Lake Austin, or just hit up downtown and walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. Never a dull moment, and I can't wait to finish school and move back up there. Plus as mentioned you have New Braunfels who has a great water park in Schlitterbahn, and San Antonio who has Six Flags in addition to Sea World and the Spurs!
^^^I appreciate all the responses. My wife and I will be out next weekend to go out with a realtor and check out the city. Hopefully it will be as nice as everyone says. Can someone say how traffic is in and around Austin? Especially someone that knows what socal traffic is like so they can use it as comparision.
Traffic sucks on I-35. Especially around Round Rock. Thank god for the toll roads though. Makes going places a lot smoother.
Traffic is really bad on I-35 during normal rush hour periods, but if you can just take Mopac. It tends to run smoother with less traffic. I highly recommend looking for residental housing in the SouthWest area. Try off of HWY 290 & William Cannon. I used to stay off of La Cresada Drive which was in that area and I loved it. Not to far from Downtown, and nice scenery and atmosphere.
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