Available Jordans and Nikes at Streetz in Arlington (Dallas/Ft. Worth Area)

Sep 27, 2007
Come check out Streetz we are located in Arlington, TX in the Six Flags Mall. We have a different variety of sneakers. we still have a few old retros andnikes. prices are retail prices unless you come check us out and they are marked down on display. just to name a few we still have small sizes of the retro 5DMP raging bull pack (8,8 1/2, 9) and a size 8 in the Nubuck 12s and we got a lot of the retro 1s that have been released early this year (laserblue polkadots, cinco de mayo, pewters, max orange, high strap tribe quest, midnight navy red high straps, low velcro ones) still have some 6 rings (army, flint greys,olympic). got some jordan 23s, some jordan 2009s, got dub zeros that released this year, we still have some of the fusion 3s, 5s, 6s, 9s. and many more nikeslike air max, forces, shox, etc! come check us out if we have your sizes!!!

We got alot of retros in Grade School/Boys/Girls!! we still have some countdown packages in GS. we sell in half packs! (we still have the 4s, 20s, 2s, 21s 3sfor the packs in Grade School sizes only)
other Grade School shoes we still have are -Hares, nubuck 12s, cinco de mayo, dub zeros, and many of the fusions that have been released and other nikes suchas forces, blazers, air max!


2831 E. Division St. Ste#115 Arlington, TX 76011
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