AYO! I need a job in AZ....

a career job? or like a 8 bucks an hour job?
what types of places have you worked at in the past?
what do you like to do?
what have you already looked into?
fill us in
not a career job just anything basically that isn't too hard. I was an assistant manager at finishline for about 2 1/2 months before that, i was just the stock person for about 6 months.
theres so many jobs in AZ. if you wanna work 40 hours a week, i highly suggest american express. just answer phones all day, great benefits and a starting pay of at least 12 dollars an hour.

i just quit there, but only cuz i moved away.
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^ more info please? where is it at? is it one of those jobs where you basically get the job no matter what? hours?
American Express [490 jobs]
American Express is a world leader in providing charge and credit cards to consumers, small businesses and corporations. It is the world's largest travel agency, offering travel and related consulting services to individuals and corporations around the world. And it is among the leading financial planning companies in the United States, providing financial planning, brokerage services, mutual funds, insurance and other investment products through a network of 12,000 financial advisors.

Job Types: Accounting or Finance - Travel or Aviation - Management and Executive - Administrative - Sales or Marketing - Human Resources - Legal and Attorneys - Security - Insurance

sorry i didnt get back here with the info.

amex is in northwest phoenix/glendale area. if you know the area, its directly across the street from the AMC 30. around 32nd Ave and Beardlesy. loop 101 to 35th avenue in the Deer Valley area. basically where the 101 and 17 meet. they are always doing a lot of hiring.

if you can, get them to hire you in the corporate/large market area, easiest dept. to start in.

they are open 24 hours, so you can pretty much get any shift, but rarely do they hire part time.

if they wont hire part time, you can try Discover, though i hear it kinda sucks there. but im pretty sure they offer part time, and i believe its in around the same area.
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mostly, you need to apply online and they call you, but a lot of times they have job fairs.

i recommend doing their online application.

you cant just go to the building, there is security and it is gated, they wont let you in.
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