AYO they found a noose outside the BSU @ College Park?

Jan 16, 2002

Yea. It was hangin from this tree outside the Nymburu (sp?) Cultural Center. Found earlier this week.
Also, just recently on a wall on the Stamp somebody spray painted "eff them N'ers" or something to that extent but police had it removed quickly.

Its clear somebody has some hate in their blood here... :smh:
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its that swine in they body

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I got some white friends, and I know they're cool. But alot of them bammas are two faced.
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I really hope it was just somebody's bad idea of a joke in the midst of the Jena 6 situation. And I hope all the attention showed them that this type of humor is not acceptable.

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As a young white male I can tell you roughly 70% of white people are racist, and another 15-20% are racist and dont even realize it.
You can follow it as closely as you want, they're white trash getting nailed with kidnapping charges and they will probably only be able to afford a public defender, I doubt any loopholes are going to pop up in their case and I'm sure they'll get put away for a while end of story.
"Don't realize it? How is that? Do you think having white guilt doesn't make you a racist somehow?"

My post was poorly phrased. By "dont realize it" I meant not openly racist
I got some white friends, and I know they're cool. But alot of them bammas are two faced.

I knew I'd find Meth in this post...u still play ball at CA?
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my little brother was there and he said bammas were wildin out after it happened.

*side note: Did anyone go to the rally?
Another one bites the dust!
I definitely went to both the BSU Town Hall Meeting (closed to the media) and the Speak Out (open to the media), we made a lot of progress on what the students want to see done about this situation.
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*side note: Did anyone go to the rally?
ed doin thier 2-3 min speeches. I listened to a couple then left.

One thing that caught my ear was when someone touched on the different cultural student unions. The student emphasized the point that they exist to provide an oppourtunity to those of different backgrounds to learn about another culture. I honestly don't believe such organizations help break down the racial barriers. I mean, to be fair, where is the White Student Union then? I brought that point up last semester in my english class and a lot of the white students nodded in agreement and started saying things like "Why would I be at a BSU meeting? Its not for me" but contrary to what the student I mentioned before said, it is indeed for them.

Sorry about the read but my point is this, until these organizations really reach out to everyone, their existence is only hurting thier cause.
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^very true.

UMD is taking a hit in looking like a safe campus, i have several friends there and apparently from what ive been told, its getting pretty bad, people are getting robbed, sexual assaults are happening and all kinds of bad stuff, i guess this is to be expected with all the scum that is slowly filling up PG County and how UMD is a fairly open campus. Still not as bad as Temple, i have a close friend who goes there and she was telling me how its dangerous as hell to go out there at night with how bad Philly has been this year as far as crime, like a East Coast USC.

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No, you must have me confused with somebody from a WDYWT post.

I mean, to be fair, where is the White Student Union then?

The existence of a white student union would be superfluous, it's like creating a "White Entertainment Television," as though MAINSTREAM outlets haven't been co-opted by the majority to conform to and then propagate their perspectives, interests, tastes, and agendas.

The white student body receives sufficient representation, to put it mildly. There's no danger of the suppression of white student opinions. SGA is, or at least was, majority white. The Diamondback staff is majority white. The faculty and staff are majority white. Campus, as a whole, is majority white.

The University of Maryland needs specifically white student organizations about as much as the Republican Party needs a separate organization for White Republicans.

It's also worth noting that the onus doesn't, and shouldn't, necessarily fall to the minority student organizations to take it upon themselves to reach out to and "enlighten" other groups. (Though many organizations, including the BSU, voluntarily contribute via events, etc.) In many ways, it's the university's responsibility to make positive use of campus diversity. It's an institution of learning, it's supposed to prepare students to function as professionals in a diverse society, and there are simple issues of student safety and wellbeing at stake - as this incident proves.

Though their programs aren't compulsory, anyone interested in bridge-building activities, breaking down barriers, and fostering mutual understanding should consider participating in OHRP programs like the intergroup dialog program, the diversity leadership workshop series, etc.

Aside from that, though, I think most of us familiar with the university would agree that, at the administrative level, "diversity" is more a marketing concept than an actual VALUE conveyed through both policy and deed.

sexual assaults are happening and all kinds of bad stuff, i guess this is to be expected with all the scum that is slowly filling up PG County and how UMD is a fairly open campus.

That, I suppose, depends upon whatever criminological/sociological paradigms you subscribe to. Is it really that "scum" are moving in or, rather, that you have isolated pockets of privilege amid an economically depressed area at a time when jobs are becoming increasingly scarce and polarization intensifies? Compare a gated community to the University of Maryland's porous security. What's the more likely target?

Then, too, you have assumptions of "in-group" vs. "out-group" assailants. Alcohol and drug consumption on campus is high, you have a lot of hormone crazed teenagers on campus who, under the right conditions, may be inclined toward sexual assault, we've seen, indisputably, LARGE scale examples of criminal behavior from the student body in the form of the "play" riots that ensue whenever the men's team beats (or even plays) Duke, etc.

Personally, I think a lot of the blame is cast upon the "scum" of PG County, and that sort of generic criminal is then implicitly conceived of as as poor, Black, and male. So, who gets targeted by the already notorious PG County police department, or by the university police department?

Often times, witness accounts of crimes like robbery, for example, are wildly inaccurate. Everything happens quickly. Witnesses aren't mentally prepared for the event, they're caught off guard, very little time exists to consciously make mental note of observations, etc.

Just to pull an example from the mainstream, not too long ago the Oprah Winfrey show staged a robbery outside the studio, while the audience members waited to get in. Very few witnesses were able to correctly identify key details about the incident: what happened, what the assailant was wearing, what direction did he run, etc. In fact, although both the "criminal" and "victim" in this staged attack were white, a number of witnesses reported that the assailant was black.

So, I wouldn't necessarily take every single "crime alert" email at absolute face value. The University, to protect its own interests, wants students and, perhaps more importantly, parents to feel safe and characterizing the threat as EXTERNAL in nature certainly assists them in that regard.

To a certain extent, I think LESS scrutiny is directed at crimes assumed to have been perpetrated by "scum" than crimes in which a member or members of the student body are under suspicion - as seems to be the case here. You can surround the campus with 15' walls and a moat to keep the "bad people" away, but obviously that doesn't work if the threat emanates from within - as is true of ignorance and racial malice.

If anything, I think this particular incident, as an act of aggression AGAINST people of color, should serve to provide a degree of counterbalance against the stereotypical notion of what "types" of persons are committing crimes against students.
"scum" was dirrected at any low life in PG County, when you have an urban campus, stuff like this happens...you have friends of friends who go up there to party for a weekend and can cause problems, its going to be more of a problem there then at a school like JMU or UVA because most of those schools are in "rural" settings. So when you got a school in the middle of a " economically depressed area " your gonna get low lifes in there who shouldnt be there in the first place.

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So when you got a school in the middle of a " economically depressed area " your gonna get low lifes in there who shouldnt be there in the first place.

That's an interesting comment.

If, hypothetically, a school is in the middle of an "economically depressed area" and you're defining "low lifes" as poor people - I'm not suggesting that you're making this connection, by the way, though it's often implicit - then who's really "out of place" in that environment? If its the campus that's inconsistent with its surroundings, then aren't the students more "out of place" than the full-time residents?

PG County itself is a study in contrast since you have the highest concentration of Black WEALTH in the nation and, by some measures, in the world in PG County, juxtaposed against the so-called "bad areas" that most seem to visualize when they talk about the area.

At any rate, what I found interesting in your previous post was the concept of "scum" "slowly filling" PG County, as though career criminals or innately evil people were MOVING IN to the area as opposed to changing social and economic conditions then resulting in increased criminality among EXISTING residents. Again, it's a matter of whether one considers "the enemy" to appear from within or from without.

I'm just trying to complicate the often preconceived picture of "criminals" invoked in these sorts of discussions. A week ago, someone robs a female student at gunpoint as she walks home from class one night. That's assumed to be the work of some outside force, some "lowlife scum," who "doesn't belong there." This week, someone hangs a noose outside the Nyumburu Cultural Center - is the same assumption made? Why or why not?

See what I'm getting at?

I'm not sure I would consider College Park an "urban campus," though. Route one is just a strip of incidental properties. It's only a "population center" to the extent that businesses and housing developments have built up to serve the college community, commuters slowed by congestion, those living in adjacent suburbs like Greenbelt, etc. An urban campus, to me, would exist within a major preexisting urban center. Maryland began as an agricultural school. Most urban campuses don't have a poultry science department.

What's more, a lot of rural campuses ARE in economically depressed areas. The per capita income in Blacksburg, VA is under $14,000. It's over $16,000 in College Park, MD. The median household income in College Park is $60,000 compared to just $22,513 for Blacksburg. So, the disparity between affluence and poverty is more sharply contrasted in College Park than in Blacksburg, not to mention differences in population density. Point being: there are systemic causes at work here.

If you're focused on individual causes, what are you likely to do? Build those 20 foot walls around campus, hire more campus police to keep people who "don't belong there" out? What does someone who "doesn't belong there" look like? How will that be enforced? Does locking the campus population IN solve or aggravate the problem?
Your posts are to long to respond to each and every point...id argue that being poor in the country is a little different then being poor in the city, but thats really beside the point. cost of living is a little cheaper in the country so you can be poor in those kinds of areas but still be able to maintain to a certain extent, living where we live where most houses cost upwards of damn near $300,000 you have a huge gap between the very poor, and very rich, no area knows this better then the DC area. But anyways...

UMD is right between Baltimore and DC, im sure youd be able to relate to what im saying, when your in college or go away to college, you got 2 kinds of friends after high school, the ones who went away, and the ones who said "f the whole school thing" i have some of both. People in college, college hop on weekends, its part of going to college, however you have some of the "f it friends" who want to come and party and what not, ive had when i was at school. there is deffinitly a difference between the 2 kinds of attitudes, some go and are cool, but some go and treat it like a playground and just act out and act like @#%$. i dont think they should build 20 foot walls, i think the police should do a better job of watching over the campus and protect the students.

people should be able to go to school without having to face many of the problems we have to face now. including racisim and fear, no matter what color you are.

pretty clear to me what you went to UMD for Method Man...
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