AZ!!!! I have Olive V's and the rumored Olive V trainers!

Aug 24, 2006
Thats right, I got some olive V's and the rumored olive V trainers! The rumored trainers will also be an LS release and are part of the Olive V release on November 18th! The Olive V need no presentation, but here are the pics!


Both will be hard to get as they are an urban account release.

I only have the following sizes in the olive V's left:
My last size 9.5
My last size 10
My last size 12

In the trainer I got the following sizes:

Hit me up for them or just visit my on-line store and pay securely through there! Site is http://www.lacesnsoles.comIf your in or around phoenix, hit me up and ill give you free shipping on my on-line store!
I can not ship these until after the 18, but may ship a couple days before the release. Laters!

Sorry if i dont have your size in the Olive V's. Ill let you all have first dibs on the Burgundy's, which will be more exclusive and limited than these!
Hey man, cool website.
Did you design it?
I wish I'd known about it. I wrote an article about sneakers for the College Times Newspaper with all the info that I knew about to get kicks in AZ when I was living there.
I believe the paper was released last week, so it wont be in this weeks edition.
TEAM DUNKINLO, if your not Dunkinlo your not on the team
Yeah, I designed. I created flip jays site too. Let me know when your next article is. I go to ASU too.
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