B2S1, boutique store at westlake shopping mall daly city

Dec 27, 2005
so my younger brother told me a new boutique shop opened at westlake shopping mall, right across rice bowl. the store is called "Back to square one", i checked it out today right after i got off work. some of the stuff that they carry as far as i remember is mike23 and i met some of the dudes that worked there, they said they should be getting other stuff too like rogue status. i was def. surprised that a boutique shop would end up opening here in westlake. dc/sf heads should def. check it out
Great, another store for the Daly City youth to beast out. First Urban Era now this.

I'm still gonna pass by though.

Walked by the other day. Looked kinda dead and empty in there. I'll probably give it a month and check it out when they get more stuff in.... and I'm not talking bout the merchandise.
They are messing with Westlake too much. I liked it better with just a Footlocker. Meet me at Burlington for discounts on all the crap you need
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the new Westlake is tons better than before, in terms of turning it around from a ghost town.
but whoever designed that mall needs to be fired or have his degree/credentials checked. i've never seen a more convoluted layout. it feels so claustrophobic.
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Well its now a bunch of stores catering to people not living in Westlake.
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Pistons: 84 90 04 GSW:75-47-56 SPURS-99-03-05
Couple of folks i know work there since we went to middle school together. Good Folks. They know what they're doing and hopefully they'll get their reputation up and carry brands that are hard to come across in SF Bayarea. They have good prices and good selection, go and support them. I think their hours are 11am-8pm on weekdays, not sure about their weekend hours.
^^ Naw, back in the day though that's all there was. Now they completely remodeled the place.

It looks funny to me because you got the old buildings mixed with the new..Cost Plus right next to all them old looking office buildings. Looks like crap.
Some of the folks behind this store is my homie's boys. They are good heads, will check out the spot soon.

Westlake is def better than before. BurgerMeister is whassup. Better than Sliders, forsure.

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interesting, might stop by tomorrow.
Whatty it is. folks. Yeah, the store is super new right now, so bare with us for the lack of merchandise, but we got some good stuff coming in soon.. hopefully we got something for everyone. There's also gonna be a live DJ every sunday, so roll through. Holleration.

Ps. Bring your own picnic baskets. Toodaloo.
nah theres no footlocker there, he's saying there used to be one.

what brands do you guys carry or will carry ?
sarcasm is hard to tell online

lookin for AM90 infareds 10-11
since i live in westlake, so much have changed especially cost of rent has gone higher due to the renovations done. westlake was def. dead back then but it looks so much nicer now.
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Plus more, in the next issue of "Just come to the store and see for yourself at 522 westake shopping center, across from 88 rice bowl and next to sheng kee"
how do stores get a hold of all these vintage clothing?
If that's what's crackin or we can play this on All-Madden​
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