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so i broke my clavicle a few weeks ago in a nasty bicycle fall. shatter my collar bone in 4 pieces.

i was pretty bummed. i miss 2 weeks of work, and i was advised that id be out of commission for 6 months after surgery.

no bicycling, no handball, golf or swimming. feels batman. 

this was after surgery

i did PT for 4 weeks and just stayed patient and optimistic. its been almost 3 months and i am now swimming and running normally and today i rode my bike for the first time since

me after surgery

im really happy and i just had to share with ya'll.

if anyone has similar experiences please share.

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Good job on keepin up with the PT and recovering
must be hard knowin you wont be able to do stuff you love for awhile
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Nice work

Im about 90% back from a bad high ankle sprain with torn ligaments. Was stuck on crutches for about 2 months... Just got off of them not too long ago. Limp slowly fading every day. PT coming to an end soon... Feels good to be on my way back.
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Boxers fracture in my right hand.. Stuck in this stank %@* cast for 3 more weeks.
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