Banned without having broken any rules? Posting problems?

Dec 8, 1999
If your name seems to have been banned from Niketalk without an obvious reason (blatant or continuous violation of the Niketalk Rules of Conduct) or if you have posting problems there could be several technical aspects that might interfere:

1) You've been temporarily banned. If we can't contact you through your ezinbox or a sticky post to get you to change your signature and/or personal photo, then "suspending" your account is the only way we can get your attention. Check for your name here and contact the appropriate admin' or mod'.

2) Your account was linked from somebody else's ezsupporter address. Ezboard prohibits this and therefore bans everybody that uses this technique. We have nothing to do with this. For more information read this.

3) Your account is linked to someone's account that was banned. Your account is either linked via ezSupporter or through the use of the same e-mail address to an account that has been banned. If you choose be linked to other accounts, then you do so with the understanding that you're all responsible for the actions of everyone that is linked.

4) The cookies in your browsers are not completely enabled. This makes it impossible for you to stay logged in on the ezboard server. You won't see a "banned" message but you can't post. In order to solve this problem you have to enable the use of cookies in your browser's options. Also, you might want to read these instructions from ezboard.

5) The IP you're using is in a range that we have banned due to abuse of users with a dynamic IP. There is not much we can do here. If you use Windows, evaluate your IP address by typing "ipconfig" into a DOS-box or by visiting this website, and then get it contact with one of the administrators.

6) If you still can't post or if you still seem to have been banned after all these possibilites, please visit the ezboard help forums here as we have no further possibilities to help you with your problem. Ezboard's help forums are very useful and their service is usually very fast and competent.

Hope this helps.

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