Beats and Pieces!!!!!!!! BULL @#%$ WINNER

Aug 1, 2005
So the beats and pieces event went down last night. Great event, Questlove was off the hook. Lots of hot chicks and dope sneakers, big ups to all who showed love in that area!! MyGodComplex with the picks, JD with the event, ladies with the boom!!! Great event overall and I cant wait to attend the next one.

But the suprise of the night came with the REVIVE sponsored "hottest sneaker" contest!!! I did not get to see all the entries but every showed up. Buck, AFD, Warren, AZ, burn rubber past and present (much love R&R). But when 4am rolled around, people were left in the dark........brings us to this wonderful morning. To find out that a pair of Public Enemy Vans won the contest (prize was $300 big ones to be spent at REVIVE). Now with the Buck wearing a pair of ID's that won this past years burn rubber hottest kicks contest, AFD wearing a pair of ID's that won the second round of that contest, and AZ wearing J-rods (these are the only people I know that entered) how did a pair of Public Enemy Vans win????? Everyone that I have spoke with today is saying the same thing! How did those win??????

No hating on the dude wearing the Vans, they are fresh, but to say that out of 200 of so people that came to the event (wearing heat!) that those are the hottest shoes there is an insult to the other people who entered the event!! Yet another bump in the road of the sneaker contest rules and regulations.

Let me know what you think and any other info you have on the topic!!!!!

congrats to the winner (even though I dont think it was deserved), and better luck next time to everyone else!!!!!
Haters Need To Hate Harder!!
Oh man. Tell me this is just a joke.
Those Vans are fresh, but not a winning kick in a best of contest!

What a joke. Sounds fixed to me.
What am I gonna do when the aliens come?​
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