Beats by dre Red Sox Edition

Joined Feb 23, 2010
I'm assuming that these are just a different color than the rest of the regular headphones.

In which case, you can find headphones of much better quality for significantly less than $400.
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Well, Beats BY Dre is made my Monster Cables....and we all know they are the biggest rip offs when it comes to HDMI cables.
So many other better quality earphones out there. You can even get DJ headphones for way cheaper.


Joined Apr 27, 2009
Not worth the money, for the price range it is in you can get much better headphones. You are basically paying for the name and design.
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I glad i'm not the only one that thinks these things are a rip.  I thought bose was wildin for their headphones, but them joints is a steal compared to dre's headphones.  I was really mad that they were plugging them joints on baseball tonight when the yanks played the sox.  I wanted to kick my tv in that night.  Are they that beat for sales.
Joined Oct 13, 2008
they are garbage. You are basically paying for the name. I Had the white studio's for a month then sold it.
Joined Sep 17, 2008
Gee, I thought about getting a pair, but for $400? I think I'll just settle for Bose quiet comforts, then.
Joined Sep 2, 2005
I have the solo's, I actually think that they are pretty straight. The HD ones are coming out though so you may want to wait on those.
Joined Apr 14, 2004
Originally Posted by reigndrop

Gee, I thought about getting a pair, but for $400? I think I'll just settle for Bose quiet comforts, then.
do your research and get something worth their price. Bose headphones/earphones are absolute garbage. learned it the hard way
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