Behold A Pale Horse

Joined Sep 19, 2003
Has anybody read this book?
I'm about half way through and it makes a lot of sense.

Any opinions?
Joined Feb 8, 2009
But yea I read some of it a while ago before I found out William Cooper was nutzo. 
Joined May 14, 2008
i kicked myself for not going into intelligence when i was in the military. i started using code words with close friends and family who also read the book. i did a little back research in secret societies and the limo driver. i'm still thrown with the idea of an underground government, not because i don't want to believe it, but because in this day and age, i can understand it being a reality.
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Joined Feb 5, 2009
& smh @ people thinking there was an actual horse.
No I haven't picked it up yet.
To the person who said William Cooper was "nutszo",what makes you say that????
Joined Jan 22, 2004
I read a little of it when I was locked up, crazy stuff right there but it does make a lot of sense

edit; Im surprised not many NTers arent familiar with this book. This book for some reason is banned in a majority of penitentiarys throughout the United States especially the fed joints.
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