Beijing shopping guide

Purple/Blk sz10.5 $360
Silver/Blk sz11 $240
White/Blk sz 9 $278

OG Foamposite One:
Blue/Blk sz10.5 $422
Blk/Yellow sz10.5 $468
Blk/Blk sz10 $360
Wht/Blk sz11 $338

OG Foamposite Total Max:
SIlver/blue sz10.5 $320

AJ I retro:
Blk/blue sz11 $217
Silver/grey sz10 $175

AJ IX retro low
Wht/chrome sz8-11 offical release $160
Wht/blue sz8-11 offical release $160

AJ XI retro
Blk/red sz10 $220
Wht/Blk sz10 $385
Blk/royal(SJ) sz10 $337

wht/red sz8-10 offical release $202
wht/blue sz9 offical release $202

blk/blue sz42.5 no box,not sample ,$350

Air Ultraflight
Blk/Green/Yellow sample sz9, $180

Wht/Unc sz8-10 offical release $178

Wht/red sz8-11 offical release $175
Blk/royal sz8-11 offical release $175

about 7-8 colors around $200

about 5-6 colors around $200

SIlver/royal LE a few sizes left,offical release,$65

Along with some XIIs,XIIIs,AND1s etc.
Best regards from Beijing.
Most malls have a NIKE shop which are the offical retailers.

As for the small shops.

Go to :
Long Fu Street,east district of Beijing,there are 2 shops aound which are the best 2 in BJ IMO.(I am not sure about the exact address,sorry)

Best regards from Beijing.
yes,US dollars :\

Sorry cuz I'm not good at translating map thing but ... ...

Main Offical Retailers in the center area of the city (32 shops in all around the city,most are in the malls):

Check for all the shops if you can read chinese. or

Oriental Plaza -- New Oriental Shopping street Sports Zone, north-east entance of the street (said to be the biggest offical NIKE retail place in Asia)

TianYuan LiSheng -- Face to SunDongAn Square,specailzed in Sports Bands,Equipments,Gears etc.

SunDongAn -- North of WangFuJing Street.Sports Area at ground floor.

Sogo Mall -- XuanWu Men.Sports Area at 3rd floor.

Parkson Mall -- FuXing Men. Sports Area at 3rd Floor.

ZhongYou Mall -- XiDan Square. Sports Zone.

YanSha Friendship Shopping Center -- ChaoYang District. Sports Area.

SaiTe (forgot the English name thou) Shopping Center -- JianGuo Men ,Sports Area at 4th floor.

Quest? Sports shops -- Easy to find but not to promoted cuz they always do some dirty bizs behind the shelves.

Some other shops I've done biz with:

YaXin -- East of LongFu walking street OR North of DongSi cross.Next to KFC.Possiblly the best personal shoe shop in BJ.(Some NTer has been there and must have done some biz on the VIIs right? =)

AhHong -- I forgot the name of the shop but the owner's name. Inside of the LongFu walking street,or so called LongFu Square,face to McDonlad's

XinShuangHua -- West District, face to BaiTai Mosque

I've been asked for many times but no,I dont know where to get "cheap things",and as for other shops I've stepped in (I think I've visted most shops here),specailly those personal shops,they more or less selling something that should not be promoted at NikeTalk.So if you are looking for authentic stuff,do buy from others,no matter how real the shoes look,unless you are good enough to tell.

Hope this help and please correct me if I was wrong or missed anything.I will update for more if necessary.

Best regards from Beijing.
Finally back from Beijing..price over there is bit crazy due to import duty... in general is like 20% higher than in HK.. agree?
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