Being sleepy at work +Unappreciation+

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My second day at the job and I'm in the boss' face lookin like
. I'm not a morning person, and on top of that, it's a desk job. 8-5's FTL.
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I think being sleepy at work is worse based in the circumstances, like if you're around your boss often it blows.
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Have you tried caffeine in the morning to stimulate yourself? I don't mind mornings, so this isn't a problem for me.
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i used to work at the front desk for my dad on weekends back in college... went out one night and was exhausted, fell asleep at the front desk and my dad sawme and slapped me on the back of the head
... after that i used to justgo take naps on my lunch break in one of the exam rooms.
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sorry to thread jac but i sometimes work 2-11 usually clocking out late and have to be back in at 6 in the morning im totally fed up with my job is thereanything that i can "legally" do
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Originally Posted by NJstress03

sleeping is koo when u werk overnight security like me
Yea, if it aint at a hotel. I'm work overnight as security and bein tired/drowsy and havin annoyin guests checkin in at 4am or requestin crapat 5am is not cool
. And late night NT been in a steady decline word tothe recession. That's what normally keeps me awake


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Originally Posted by kobe4threebang

sorry to thread jac but i sometimes work 2-11 usually clocking out late and have to be back in at 6 in the morning im totally fed up with my job is there anything that i can "legally" do
post links for google
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Originally Posted by soltheman

Originally Posted by KoolKatz

sooperhooper wrote:
Being sleepy at work skool School +Unappreciation+

Actually fixed.

Boy sleeps so much in school that he doesn't even know how to spell the damn word.

no need 2 be so damn perfect i speel it like that on purpose
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unappreciated to the fullest
i napped at my job last year once for like 10 minutes and meanwhile the team leader was showing new people around the work place

not a good look
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pffft, having to be at work at 4am to open FTL
then talk to me about being sleepy.

for me it gets to the point where is if i have to open i have to decide whether or not to take a nap and wake up feel like crap
or just man up and not sleep at all
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I remember when I worked at OfficeMax, the 2nd or so day, I fell asleep in the back. I was doing those stupid mandatory computer quizzes. My manager (cooldude) came in the back and woke me up. He said I fell asleep long enough for the screen saver to come on.
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