Being stuck with morons on projects unappreciation

Feb 21, 2005
Teacher really put this kid in my group. I should have just told him not even to do anything but I give this kid one responsibility and he basically doesnothing. Mind you he is about to fail out of school too. I just don't get people like that. Not I'm left to try and salvage the crap that he made. I sent him comments last night but did he do anything that I said? No. Not a Cot damn thing.
I have half a mind to put him on blast to the teacher
Hate depending on other people on projects

On rare occasions i've left my group and done everything myself. Not like they were doing much anyways
Group projects are a tiny taste of what you'll get in the real world..
at the end of the day... the job needs to get done.

saying..."it wasn't my job" doesn't cut it.
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