Berkeley residence !!!!!! help

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Okay i just moved to Berkeley i use too live in LA
Im coming here to attend school..
my question is what is there to do here?
I've been to 510 already i cop some shoes there
i went to fresh i cop a shirt now what is there left to do ?
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yeah, take the bart into san francisco, the powell street stop. you'll get to a huge mall and outside you can walk around, take buses or whatever to huf and places like that.

but as for berkeley, food is the best thing to do imo. chipotle, la burrita, top dog, mandarin house, kingpin's donuts, crepes-a-go-go, noah's bagels, free speech movement cafe, all good stuff. never gets old.
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1) Hilltop Mall has tons of shoe's a little ghetto, hense all the shoe stores.
2) 4th Street in berkeley near the 80 is a cool place to spend a Saturday morning/lunch. North Face Outlet is near there too.
3) Jogging at the Berkeley Marina
4) Everette & Jones at Jack London Sq in Oakland
5) Take full advantage of the RSF. You might as well since your tuition pays for it.
6) Get season tix for football and basketball!
7) Oakland Chinatown for good eats and cheap groceries
Steve's Korean BBQ in Durant Square
9) Pyramid Brewery
10) and don't forget to do some studying. :smile:


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Quote:[hr][/hr]1) Hilltop Mall has tons of shoe's a little ghetto, hense all the shoe stores.[hr][/hr]

For the love of God, (and since your in Berkeley anyways) do not go there. You will not be missing a damn me.

Quote:[hr][/hr]9) Pyramid Brewery[hr][/hr]
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Everette & Jones at Jack London Sq in Oakland sucks. That location is for tourist go to the berkeley location at university & san pablo
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