Besides the obvious, who has been your playoff standouts/busts?

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With a majority of the topics being about Kobe, Bron, Dwight, etc. I think it'd be nice to shout out some of the players that have done something theseplayoffs that was unexpected initially, but has now gained your attention. Might as well call out the busts as well. Mine is as follows:

1. Shannon Brown- Dude brings consistent effort and energy on the defensive end, and has given some great minutes to help the Lakers. Who would havethought?
2. Glen Davis- Though notoriously known on NT for his homosexual antics, the guy played his heart out and put up numbers I never thought he could. He also hitthat crucial game winner. Without him, the C's would have been eliminated even earlier for sure.
3. Marcin Gortat-
Thought this dude was a joke in the beginning of the year/playoffs. But let's set things straight, hes been a solid back-up despitethe fact I thought he would get baptized everytime on defense. D. Howard has gotten into foul trouble almost every night, yet Gortat comes in and providesvaluable minutes to either sustain and/or extend the lead.
4. Kirk Hinrich- Not only did he provide instant offense off the bench, but it was his defense that really stood out to me. Lets face it, Kirk v. P2 islaughable until this year's playoffs rolled around. Much props to Kirk for showing up every night following his injury plagued year and demotion due to D.Rose.
5. Chris Anderson- I initially thought this guy was a complete joke who should never be allowed to be seen on TV with his Holloween looks every night. However,this guy is a fan favorite who provided that extra energy that lifted the Pepsi center on a consistent basis. Not only that, but his defensive presensce isgame-changing (RIP Birdman though on the Lamar and Brown dunks

1. Sasha Vujacic- The machine? Really though?

2. Luke Walton- I think Walton has more fouls than points and/or assists this postseason.
3. Zadrunas Ilgauskas- Looks like he was playing defense in skates and a straitjacket 95% percent of the playoffs. Wouldn't be surprised if hes recycledfor next year.
4. Derek Fisher- Just not playing like the Derek I know when June/July usually rolls around.

5. The Detroit Pistons- Well, yeah.
6. Mo Williams- All Star? Who?

I know I'm missing a bunch more, so who else has shown up/slept this postseason?
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Originally Posted by jordan231025

3. Zadrunas Ilgauskas- Looks like he was playing defense in skates and a stray jacket 95% percent of the playoffs. Wouldn't be surprised if hes recycled for next year.
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Sasha is most def a bust. He barely sees the 15-20 minutes that we paid him to play.

Pietrus and Ariza are the standouts. Pietrus has been shooting lights out, and Ariza's play has made him probably our 3rd best player.

trelvis tha thrilla


- Dirk: He balled against S.A. and Denver
- Mello: It was his coming out party
- Chauncey Billups: He is the reason Nuggets made it so far
- Tony Parker: Only 1 series but he torched the Mavs
- Mickael Pietrus
- *Edit: I have to add Hedo to my list also


- Jason Terry: Dude was pure garbage this postseason
- Mo Williams: Couldnt provide any help
- The whole Atlanta Hawks team
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Totally forgot Pietrus. He's def. stepped up this postseason. Dammit Golden State
. As far as Rondo goes I'm torn whether he's an obvious pickor not. I didn't expect him to average a triple double though.
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pietrus & ariza both played huge parts in ther teams final run.......

aaron brooks opened some eyes as well..

busts = all cav's role players except delonte west...
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Stand outs: Aaron Brooks, Trevor Ariza, Pietrus, Delonte West.
Busts: the Machine, DFish, Mo Williams
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rondo definitely stood out with almost averaging a triple double the entire postseason.
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