:.:Best and Worst Jordans for Basketball:.:


Dec 12, 2006
Post the best J's for ballin in while factoring in durability, comfort, preformance and pricing. My most favorite pair of Jordans to ball in are XII's because of their durability and the zoom sole that adds about 3 inches to my vertical. The worst might be the XIV because of its ankle killing capabilities and stiff sole. Discuss
i say best are IX's
i say worst are I's
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Best: XX1 Lows B/red - These have really good quality, nubuck outer is aesthetically pleasing but seriously annoying to store and clean. The are the most comfortable for me because it is contoured exactly to the shape of my foot so these babies do a good job adding about 2 inches to my vert. They are expensive but I am not too worried as these are by far the best fit for me.

Medium: Fire red IIIs - These were cheap but they are comfy. Doesn't crease to easily but a little too broad so it gets a little uncomfortable when I play a fast game. Doesn't do anything for my vertical.

I got no worst because I have never wore the 1s to ball. The rest are average.
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best X and XIX se imo
worst IIIs just because there way too pretty to ruin
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My fav kicks to ball in are honestly the XIs a good ballin shoe in my eyes is lightweight, has a sturdy sole (sometime stiff is good) and is comfortable cutioning wise. The XI pass my criteria with flying colors. Plus they look damn good. I prefer the mesh upper colorways b/c they're more lightweight an breathable. Also, I think I-V are the worst to ball in.

I could dunk on 10 with ease, but with the XII's on by feet, I'm highflying like Jordan or James; What can I say it must be the Zoom Air units incorporated in rubber outsole.


Can't think of one yet.
Best - XXs

Worst - XVs
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best XVII & XIX
worst V
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Best = XIV (inddors) and XII (outdoors)

Worst = I
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i like playing in my Xs

And the worst shoe to play in is probably the 1s, they hurt your feet after you walk in the for like an hour or two

Best-Jumpman Pros, XIX, XVIII, XVII

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I've played in the I, V, VII, IX, X, XI + Low, XII, XIII, XIV + Low, XV, XVII, XVIII + .5, XIX + SE, XX and XX2. Here's my top 5...

1. Air Jordan XI - Absolutely love how soft these feel, good court feel and traction.

2. Air Jordan XVIII - A extremely close second, Black/Sport Royal is one of my favourite Air Jordan's of all time. JB + Tate did a beautiful job on these, only problem with them was needing to super glue the insoles every few wearings.

3. Air Jordan XIV - I sort of have a love/hate relationship with this shoe. Performance wise, I feel that this shoe is absolutely flawless and is extremely durable (except for the "shark teeth" which start to come off; doesn't hinder performance), but for some reason I seem to get injured whenever I'm wearing a pair of XIV's (doesn't have anything to do with performance of the shoe). Before season, I fractured my ankle (it was happening regardless of which shoe I was playing in) in my XIV Low's, and decided to not play in them any more. A couple weeks ago, a couple months into my wearings of my XIV Mid, I dislocated my finger and had surgery to put it back in. Sort of skeptical to wear another pair or not...

4. Air Jordan XIII - I absolutely love these. Perfect fit, and extremely comfortable. Not overly durable from my experience, went through 2 pairs of retros in one season back in 2004-2005.

5. Air Jordan V - Yes, you read that correctly, I didn't forget something infront or behind "V". This past season, I absolutely fell in love with these shoes. Once you figure out how to fit the tongue so that the angular edges don't cause cuts/blisters on the inside of the foot, they're great.
[h1]I can't believe no one said VIIs as the best, I play in VIIs and XIs, the lightweight of the VII and the all around snug comfort of the huarache tech make you feel like you aren't even wearing shoes.
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