Best athlete interviews you've ever seen? vol. Being real

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I hate interviews where the athlete is fake and all that. What interviews have you seen in which the athlete is real? What are the best athlete interviews you've ever seen?
 For me, no question, Allen Iverson on Stephen A. Smith's Quite Frankly. One of the best hours of television I've ever seen. That episode made me put QF on dvr until it was cancelled.  

I can't even explain how real AI is in this interview.

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i hit licks

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If your talking about keeping it real Shaq always seemed to say whatever was on his mind.
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"Both team played hard"

Really though, 

That KG interview with John Thompson

'It's On Me' interview by T-Mac and Steven A Smith was pretty good too. 

But I don't think no one gives interview like Chuck Barkley used to do interviews, Chuck on the mic is always 
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A.I. Is without a doubt my alltime favorite NBA player.
I remember watching this a few years ago, and I am glad to be watching it once again this year.
BTW, does anyone have a link to that video that Gunna posted a few years ago when Allen Iverson was speaking in Virginia and talking about the charity work he does and why he isn't recognized for it? 
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someone here gotta get at some of Sheeds, man is wild be it at speaking his mind or just being PR friendly with a twist of his own. 
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KG...Hands down for me of course, but that interview was deep. It was real and the KG I hope everyone ends up remembering.
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