Best Buy won't let me use their card on THEIR website...?

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Had some rewards points and was trying to get 2012 on bluray for a decent price. Well, I pull out my dusty BestBuy card and put the numbers in, hit enter and this is what I get-


[*]We're sorry. At this time, Best Buy credit cards issued by Chase Bank may only be used for in-store purchases. Please use a different card for your online purchase.

This seems pretty bogus and weak imo. Anyone know any details. It feels ridiculous to know that I can't use their card on their website.
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Originally Posted by DocsBack

was trying to get 2012 on bluray for a decent price.
Best Buy saved you from yourself.

But really, that's weird. I have a Chase card too, but I've never ordered anything online
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BB sucks, I tried clamming a $10 reward certificate and it didn't work online

Buying 2012? Movie sucks. Don't do it
Amazon probably cheaper
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WHen was the last time you used the card?? They deactivate it after a some time if you dont use it.. What sucks about it is that you're going to have to REapply.
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Not trying to thread jack, but since we are on a best buy there a way I can return the monster tour headphones I bought from there without a receipt? If so how do I go about it? or can I trade them in for the solo's? (the headphones are brand new never opened)
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