Best drummer on the planet? Vol. ?uest love VS T Barker

Joined Feb 8, 2010
who do you think is a better drummer over all? In my opinion, i prefer Barker because of the "Fix your face" with Dj- AM
Joined Jul 21, 2008
Danny Carey will own any of these chumps you guys try to put up against him.  He's forgotten more about drumming than any of them will ever know, and if he ever gives them the privilege of kissing his feet they should oblige.

- Tical.
Joined Jan 12, 2003
Ya'll should really listen to some heavy metal drummers before you make a statement like this.

I'd post some vids if my internet wasn't actin' up.
Joined May 9, 2004
Danny Carey new to me but dude got a nice style. That kit he was playing on the 1st vid is beautiful

Aaron Spears is probably the only other drummer i've watched videos of. Son is a beast to me but i dont know if he ranks anywhere close to being one of the best.
Joined May 26, 2003
I give my nod to Thomas Pridgen....from the town, and he played in one of my fav. bands around, the mars volta. Dude is a beast (and so was/is jon theodore)
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