Best internet provider in the Bay???

Mar 17, 2005
Right now I got Comcast cable for like $45 a month... yeah that's expensive, not too bad though.. but the damn thing goes down for like half the day, everyed working right now (7:30 pm) and that's why I'm posting this.

I play some games, pc and ps3, download a little bit... so what do you guys use/recommend? I ain't really worrying about cheapest too much, but cheap ain't a bad thing!

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Wanted: Any DS mid XI's sz 9.5
i had dsl for a sucked for me, then hopped onto comcast and its been smooth to hear your having trouble with your service...have you called comcast to see if they could find a problem?
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Nah, that seems like an obvious thing to do but I've had this problem for like a year an half now. It did this at my old house, I moved, and it's doing it at my new house, so I figured it's the service.

If it's working for you.... I guess I'll give em one more shot.... but still, I want to know what other services the rest of you are using and how you like it
Wanted:Indiglo sz9.5 or 9
Wanted: Any DS mid XI's sz 9.5
you should try and see if your cable modem is bad or outside cables are bad. Comcast at my house used to go down all the time for no reason and I would call to check if there is an outage in my area but there wasnt so I knew it was either my modem(ive used the same modem for 5+ years)or the cables are jacked up outside. I bought a new modem and the problem still exist, so I checked the cable that ran into my house and sure enough it was loose causing the connection to go on and off.
i have comcast for cable and internet

the internets great but the cable sucks
the damn cable went down during the giants game today , but it didnt really matter they sill lost -_-
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i have had comcast before but i switched to yahoo. comcast is faster, but for the price yahoo is good.
i dunno about absolute BEST isp in The Bay, but some folks i know have been pleased w/the bang for the buck Sonic provides.

most peeps i know have yahoo. i'm trying to decide between them and comcast......tough choice cuz i was hoping to get a bundle w/tv service (satellite or cable) as well. i like the simplicity of cable (no ugly dish to install or huge receivers), but all my folks w/cable say they keep jacking up their rates.

anyways, yes, you need to fix your router, joe...........or feed the hamster powering things up at your spot more or give him a lil more sleep at night or SOMETHING. lol
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I've been having the same problem, been with comcast since it changed to comcast. Internet goes out a couple times a day everyday...i've learned to deal with it now and just wait til it comes back on. Called comcast and they came out at least 10 times to try and repair it and i now i don't even call. Was thinking about switching to DSL but i like the speed of comcast so i'm willing to put up with the bad service.
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yo... i have comcast and it's great.. fast.. always up.. but expensive...

yalll who are having problems with ur service gotta get on whatever company ur with. create a ticket history there.. and then you'll be able to get credit.

I would not pay 45 dollars a month for some BS.. ya feel me
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