Best Kid Cudi Songs?

Joined Aug 3, 2009
My list would be
1. Maui Wowie
2. Daps and Pounds
3. Dat New New
4. Pursuit Of Happiness
5. Sky Might Fall
6. Embrace The Martian
7. Heaven At Nite
8. Down & Out
9. Alive
10. Man On The Moon

so what are your favorite cudi songs?

thanks a lot, i forgot about cleveland is the reason , t.g.i.f., and solo dolo

black leg

formerly shaqtus92
Joined Feb 15, 2009
There are too many to list, but

-My World
-Heaven At Nite
-Embrace The Martian
-Enter Galactic
-Heart Of A Lion
-In My Dreams

And I know I'm missing a ton...
Joined Sep 27, 2008
toooo many to list but here are some notables for me
-Cudi Zone
-Cleveland is the reason
-day n night
- hyyyerr
-know why
-soundtrack to my life
-many more that do not feel like listing
Joined Dec 21, 2003
how you gonna think mauwie wowie his best song and its complete rip of the original
Joined Apr 21, 2005
Soundtrack to my life
Cudi Zone
Down & out
Cleveland Is the Reason
My World
Heart of a Lion
Pursuit of Happiness
Do It Alone
My World
The Prayer
Sky Might Fall
Know Why
Rollin (not a CuDi song, but great verse)
****many more to come
Joined Jan 3, 2008
Clevland Is the reason
Cudi Zone
Daps & Pounds
Soundtrack to my Life
My World

I personally think his albums were his best tracks.
Joined Apr 25, 2009
Alive, heart of a lion, hyyerr, sound track 2 my life, down and out, the prayer, pursuit of happiness and the list goes on
Joined Apr 17, 2005
Cudi Zon
Dat New New
Do It Alone
Down & Out
Heart of a Lion
Heaven At Nite
In My Dreams
Is There Any Love?
Know Why
Man on the Moon
Maui Wowie
Memories (feat)
Pillow Talk
The Prayer
Pursuit of Happiness
Rollin (feat)
She Came Along (feat)
Sky Might Fall
Solo Dolo
Sountrack 2 My Life
Symphonies (feat)
Up Up & Away
Wasting My Minutes
Top Bottom
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