Best marathon you ever caught on a off day

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What is the best marathon you ever caught on tv on a day off, with nothing better to do then just lay in bed and watch tv? Its sunday and the weather is nastyso im caught up in bed just chillin and watching rob dyrdek fantasy factory, never really watched it before but not a bad show at all. It isnt the best iveseen but pretty funny. I would go with the Rocky marathons they always aired on USA, best part was they never aired Rocky 5


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caught a House marathon once, hooked ever since

found my avatar this way too
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I ran part of the Boston Marathon a couple of years back. that was pretty good.
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Originally Posted by Nako XL

I ran part of the Boston Marathon a couple of years back. that was pretty good.

I remember catching Making the Band 2 rerun after clubbin a few months ago.....
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that's not a marathon those are movies man, lol

but Law&Order SVU but they give them too often now I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode
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Originally Posted by GSDOUBLEU

Wayans Bros hands down.

yup, without a doubt. Plus like dude above said, I'm hooked to my tv whenever them old Twilight Zone marathons come on sci-fi network
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