Best of 255 NIKEiD Nike Air Force 1 iD to Release Nov. 3rd





Though NIKEiD has officially relocated to NikeTown NY, the old 255 NIKEiD Space at 255 Elizabeth Street still lives. This Saturday, Nov. 3rd, NIKEiD at 255 will re-open to release the best NIKEiD AF1 created (as designed by Roscoe) during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Force at the NIKEiD Studio at 255 Elizabeth St. This Nike Air Force 1 iD was hand selected as the best by DJ Clark Kent and the 255 staff. Nike has re-created this Nike Air Force 1 iD and it will be made available in limited quantities exclusively at 255 this Saturday. Each AF1 will be accompanied by an exclusive poster (pictured above), commemorating the best 25 AF1s created at the NIKEiD Studio at 255, as chosen by DJ Clark Kent and 255 staff.

Nike 255 at 255 Elizabeth St. will officially open at 12pm on Saturday, Nov. 3rd, for the release of the best NIKEiD Nike Air Force 1 created at 255 for a retail of $150.


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I like those and it's a really good price. They kinda look like a combination of 2 AF1s made exclusively for Lebron

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Thanks for posting, Maze. 255 lives!

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Ehh those are just ok IMO. Im sure Ill get flamed for this, but i think Clark is a bad judge. I know he has got the sickest AF1 collection, but everytime i see him on the street, hes wearing some god awful joints. He seems to really dig the gold foil swoosh types.
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My iD's @#%$ all over those, as well as a few others that have been posted on here.
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yeah, not feeling the contest winner. too crazy......personally i prefer subtle, not crazy flashy colors. is what it is.
I wonder what the creator of those has to say about this? So much for a 1 of 1. And I'll take the grapes that Dead Stokc made over those anyday
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I wonder what the creator of those has to say about this? So much for a 1 of 1.
(one of the more famous boutiques in the area)
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hmm hmmm hmm..
i have seen a lot better ID's on here

but those are very nice
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How did you get those for free?
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Atmos - I'm with you 100%
I passed on the red pair and those awful brown/green ones as well..
I grabbed these instead.

All 3 colorways are being sold for charity. There's 255 pairs of the red/blue/yellow, and 25 each of the black/grey/orange, and the brown/green.
Unpacking everything, it definitely seemed like alot more than 255 pairs.
Dead Stokc did have one of, if not the illest pair of ID's. Most of the ones on that poster are pretty much garbage.
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