best overall nike basketball shoe?

Feb 11, 2006
what is the best overall basketball shoe in terms of cushioning, traction, comfort, and all that good stuff?
also which nike shoes are good if you got plantar fasciitis?
If you are a perimeter player...go with Zoom Kobe II.

If you are an inside beast...go with Zoom Lebron Soldier or Air Force Stat.

If you just wanna use to ball all-around...use Zoom Lebron 20-5-5.

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Overall I would say the ZK2. If you want an amazing b-ball shoe for cheap go for the ZK1. Its pretty cheap right now and it was the best all-around b-ball shoe until the ZK2 came out IMO.
Two shoes that I wore out...

Jet Flights


I am a forward, and I know these are a guard type shoe, but I loved playing in both of these.
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Haven't tried on the ZKII yet, so my vote would go to the ZK1.
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My top five:

5. Tie, Shox Stunner & Air Max Penny 2

4. Zoom Kobe 2 or 1

3. Flightposite 3

2. Shox Ups

1. Ultraposite

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i thought the Flightposite I could not be beat until the VC I.

for me, the VC I is the best basketball shoe i have ever worn. i still have multiple DS pairs.


ZK2 for me. just a great guard shoe :pimp:

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Kobe lines if you're a perimeter type player or guards. Lebron if you're a big athletic beast . Jordan XX -XXII if you're an all around type of player. Air force 25 and air max 360 if you're a big center that bang around the board.
Lebron 4's definitely

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IMO, the VC1s only beat the FP1s in heel cushioning and ankle support.

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as in terms of whats out right now,
the ZK2 strengths are amazing with the dual straps and the CF plate to help that plantar fas problem
Lebron Series is good too
FP1's are good but a lil heavy
or you could go with the huarache's (imo the best shoes i've played in)

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LeBron IV's... Penny IV's are good too. Zoom 20.5.5's are good also. The Air Max 360 is cool, but it seems kinda tight on the feet, I got mine a half-size bigger.

People keep saying the Kobe II's are good, I might have to get some when they're on sale.

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This really varies from player to player. Kobe line more for a lighter athlete. The Lebrons IV's in my opinion if worn by a lighter or skinnier athlete would limit their quickness. Although the 2K4's or Kobe Lines are great because they offer nearly the same quality and are lighter. Now if your 180 and above, Lebron IV's are for you in my opinion.
To each his own. There is no "best" overall shoe.
Jet Flights, Zoom Turbines, Ultraflights, 2k3s
I play guard and I wear a 10 in the Lebron IV's and I feel they arent that much heavier. Other shoes I like to ball in are AJ XIV's and XXI P.E.s
I play a wing and the best I've ever played in was the AZK I I love that shoe. Also the Melo M3 is pretty good. My favorite shox are Shox Elevate.
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