Best Phones Out Now or Released Soon?

obvious ones...iphone,blackberry 8900, bold, g1, ...that new blackberry sprint is gettin looks
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Any info on G2 or iPhone HD?

idk about hd.. but iphone 3.0 is coming out.. changing the hardware and firmware.. a lot of updates..
the Blackberry Curve 8330 is supposed to be really nice. and with verizon you buy one get one for free
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nokia n97

nokia phones are always overlooked

and overpriced
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Palm Pre
There's only one post for this phone?


Y'all ain't ready.

Maybe if it would come out already. Damn thing taking forever, plus no way I'm buying it with Sprint contract.
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New iPhone, should be releasing around June.

Depends on what happens at the WDC. There could be a new 32gig or a "nano" phone. Nobody knows until that goes down...but one of em is coming.

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Palm Pre

I'm very interested in seeing what becomes of this device.....very
Look for this if you wants the dopest!

Palm Pre- palm the rebirth

Samsung I8910 HD- ( beast on specs!! )
.... only downside is samsung support on software/firmware is bad (big factor)

Nokia N97 - People say its under power for a flagship phone. (imo nokia never let me down, so im getting this phone and it looks very nice

Blackberry storm 2- maybe late this year or early next year, spy shot is out.

Nokia E71i - upgraded to 5mp+ nokia feature pack ver. 2, Award winning phone and built quality is superb!!!

Nokia 5900- upgrade for 5800 music express.. rumored with capacitive screen, pic is out.

Iphone 3.0 - everybody knows whats good and bad with iphone. (im expecting for a new hardware/look if not..
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