Best PIZZA spot in SF, Daly City, SSF??

let me post

Sep 19, 2004
I say it's a toss up between Village Pizza on Van Ness in SF, and Seniores in SSF on El Camino..

Your thoughts?
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Extreme Pizza in San Francisco. :pimp:
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for slices, fat slice on haight has always been my favorite...

for whole pizzas/delivery...we've been ordering from pasquale's & north beach for years...have had pizza orgasmica delivered a few times and it was pretty good...i remember cybelles in DC and toto's in SSF being pretty good too....

and cant forget about seniores on 19th for those late drunk nights... :lol:
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There's this Indian owned place in Mission district. Stuff is bomb.

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Im hearing Little Star is head & shoulders better than any pizza in SF.

I havent been there yet, but Noriega Pizza Place has NY style pie thats pretty damn good.
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North Pizza on Mission near ocean ave.. and Cable Car Pizza on Valencia across from Blondies ( the bar not the pizza spotlol)
Toto's Pizza in San Bruno

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Whaaa? I had this when I was at state and it was horrible! Maybe they have changed in the last 2 years...Bleh

yur the first person i heard say that. everyone i know says their the bomb. oh well, to each its own
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