Best Place to Cop Norton 360 subscription ?

Joined Apr 2, 2009
My 1 year subscription just ran out

and with how NT has been lately i dont want to take any chances.

they are offering me a 2 year subscription for $114.99

anyone know if there is a cheaper place to buy it? maybe with a military or student or both kind of discount? let me know please and thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: i know there is a lot of anti-virus software out there but norton has been good to me so id like to stay with them.
Joined Feb 11, 2008
Norton was free with my computer I had no problems what so ever. My subscription ran out. now I'm giving NOD a try
Joined Mar 26, 2009
I got mine from officemax for 40 bucks... That was last week so hurry up and see if the sell is still going on.
Joined Jan 2, 2010
if u gonna pay for anti virus get kasparsky or eset nod 32...

norton sucks and hoggs the +$!$ outta ram
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