best place to get tints? VA - nova

Joined Feb 9, 2007
i know you can get some nice @#%$ deals in MD but im lookin in the nova area. la tint? cali tint?

im tryina get a 97 es300 done for cheap or decent. 30% all around

any help?
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Everyone I know went to LA Tint, I think I'll be going there in a next month or so for my new whip


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i went to quality tire in woodbridge and got 18% all around they give you a life time warranty and their prices are very reasonable as well
Joined Sep 15, 2002
Stay in MD. Best deal you'll find is there. VA is taxing crazy. My dad got a 2000 Corvette C5 and LA tint wanted almost $300 (and we had a coupon for 10% off). Quality tire ain't no better. All they're gonna do is call LA tint and ask what they're charging and give you $5 off that. OR you can do what I did. Use your resources. Go buy the tint yourself and give a crackhead $40 to do it. You'll save at least $75! But for real if you're really looking to get it done in VA go south. Richmond or Va Beach area would be best. Hope this helps.
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