best place to get tints? VA - nova

Feb 9, 2007
i know you can get some nice @#%$ deals in MD but im lookin in the nova area. la tint? cali tint?

im tryina get a 97 es300 done for cheap or decent. 30% all around

any help?
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Everyone I know went to LA Tint, I think I'll be going there in a next month or so for my new whip
i went to quality tire in woodbridge and got 18% all around they give you a life time warranty and their prices are very reasonable as well
Stay in MD. Best deal you'll find is there. VA is taxing crazy. My dad got a 2000 Corvette C5 and LA tint wanted almost $300 (and we had a coupon for 10% off). Quality tire ain't no better. All they're gonna do is call LA tint and ask what they're charging and give you $5 off that. OR you can do what I did. Use your resources. Go buy the tint yourself and give a crackhead $40 to do it. You'll save at least $75! But for real if you're really looking to get it done in VA go south. Richmond or Va Beach area would be best. Hope this helps.
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