Best running shoe on the market?

May 11, 2002
Im starting to do some HIIT running workouts. I need a new pair of running shoes. Im looking for COMFORT and support. What are the best ones on the market? Nike Air 360's?
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i've decided to start training for a 13K marathon. i went to the nike clearance store and bought 2 pairs of running shoes to test against each other as they were both only $35 i got the Shox Swift and the Zoom Plus Moire. though they both felt super comfy right out the box only one gets my nod of approval and i'll tell you why:

Fit - The Shox Swift's were built the traditional way, i.e. regular mesh upper material. as we know, those stretch over time but not so much that it doesn't do it's job anymore. The Zoom Moire's feature a new single piece upper made of cloth like material. it's very soft and plush, but stretches way more. it also does a poorer job of hold the foot in one place.

Comfort - The Zoom Moire's soft feel is damn near regal. it's like putting on a house slipper for running. The Swift's mesh feels nice, but not nearly as space age as the Zoom Moire's.

Cushioning - The Shox Swift employs Nike's trusty Zoom Air in the forefoot, shox columns in the heel combination. the finely tuned shox offer a firm contrast to the bouncy zoom. The Zoom Moire has a full length thin zoom air unit throughout the shoe. this would've been nice with a traditional outsole, but the shoe employs what looks and feels like a only a midsole. this drastically changes the amount of impact your feet feel. at the end of my run, my feet felt a bid sore.

Overall, if you're one of those runners who loves feeling the road (as some ballers love feeling the court), the Zoom Plus Moire is a good shoe. it has Nike's Plus technology which for another $30 allows a runner to sync up his or her distance with an iPod Nano. intermittently, the chip that goes under the sockliner inside the shoe will send a message to the runner via the iPod. Nice way to stay informed of your progress. however, because i can't run in the shoe off a treadmill, because running on a road surface leaves my feet beat.

The Shox Swift on the other hand, performed more to my liking as the traditional outsole provided another layer of cushioning from the pavement. also the upper and footbed did a much better job of restricting movement within the shoe, which the Zoom Plus Moire did not. Both were extremely breathable. i was pretty amazed to see my socks were only somewhat damp, as opposed to sopping wet.

Hope this helps. I just bought some 360's and Shox Ride's as well and can tell you how they do by this weekend if you want. also check as they have the Nike Zoom Plus, another full length Zoom Air shoe but with a traditional outsole, for $40. i'll probably get those too, but the price is so cheap you may want to get those just on GP before they're all gone.
What are the best ones on the market? Nike Air 360's

The shoe for YOU is the one that fits YOUR FOOT. This means you need to get properly fitted and running specialty store.
When it comes to running shoes, check out New Balance and Asics. They probably have the best selection and performance.

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^^ya those brands do pretty well, New Balance, Asics, Saucony, and Mizuno are all pretty good. i think ur choices can be limited down if u just buy at a store. and don't just go to basic atheletic stores like Finish Line, u need to go to a real running shoe store thats just focused on running shoes and other running equipment. The employees there usually have a fair knowledge of what fits right for u, and then u just gotta look at which brand u like
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go to tech running stores where the have you walk/run on a treadmill to see how you run (supinator, neutral gait, overpronator). that info combined with the distance your running will narrow down your selection drastically. then its just a matter of seeing which shoes out of the selected few feels the best.
Listen to these last three guys. They know what they are talking about.

Major points:
- Nike is not the greatest running shoe brand, Asics Saucony and Mizuno are superior.
- Go to a running store! A good quality running shoe store will analyze your gait and "prescribe" you a good pair of shoes.

Also remember issues like arches and wide/narrow feet.

or something like that...
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