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May 14, 2006
What are the best Jordan running shoes that are out right now? I recently started running two miles every other night and I've been thinking about buying some better running shoes.
im not sure, most jordans are for b-ball
try some other brand, or air maxes?
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instead of buying some jordans to run in. buy some air max 95. they were designed for running and they are supper comfortable.
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i'd go with new balance 5805. i run in them all the time, and i have two pairs. they're great, especially for that price.
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Asics Nimbus VIIs... the best shoes for me... try shoes on to find a good fit...if you are serious about running who cares how you look???
Air Max 360s sz 9 DS $50
Air Max 1 Skulls Pack sz 9.5 DS $60
you dont wanna run in jordans, or even nikes for that matter. you wanna run in a tech running shoe. Check for brands like Asics, Saucony, New Balance, Mizuno, and other brands like that.
Get some Mizunos man. jordans are not made for straight running.
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Ya, you want to stick with brands like Asics, and Saucony, or maybe add Adidas in there.

its better to buy at a store rather than online for running shoes just because u wanna get the best comfort available. you can look at the site where prof.k posts at now, to get an idea as to what's good for you
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